T-45 Coming Soon

In about 2 weeks, when the WG anniversary is scheduled (next weekend), expect this tank to be given away for free. Tier II LT. (this is the reason I thought twice about posting this, there is still time)

In other news, I’m a bit busy and there isn’t stuff to post. I’ll try posting some historical stuff today. Thanks for checking TAP every day.


43 thoughts on “T-45 Coming Soon

    1. not really, it was like I saw it, seen that it was useless and thought it’s to early to announce it, but then I saw that there are no other news so I posted it.

      That’s the process.


      1. What is the reason why you thought twice about posting?

        It wasn’t clear from the post, are you saying you are guessing that T-45 will be the reward tank? Or are you saying that you don’t know there the gift tank or that there will be one at all?


    2. We knew this month’s ago. Please post your source on this being on his mind because of Rita. You must credit those who tell you what’s going on his mind.

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    1. Considering he posted it first back in May saying it would come when WOT has their anniversary on the 12th. Long before Rita. Maybe you should ask her on what her sources are? But then again, WG have more or less confirmed it way back to. So no need for sources tbh.

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    1. I never sold any gift tank even with they being useless, keep they, with time they may receive a buff and become OP, and ppl will kill trying to get it again, see the T7 car thing, everyone sold it thinking it was crap, then some time later WG buffed it, and everyone went mad trying to get one.
      The Pz.Kpfw. V/IV for years was crap too, and now it received a buff and its a pretty good tank =P

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  1. Find it so odd that WG keep mentioning not wanting to hand out tier 1-3 tanks/ships to prevent “sealclubbing”, yet they keep doing the practice. Would be fun if they actually made an bigger event to celebrate, instead of a Low-tiered will only be used 1-2 times tank before being sold for garage tank.


    1. Aye, that would be great now to get some light crew trainer you did not pay way to much for to promote WGL you really don’t care about. So thus I don’t have any. And there are plenty of options. Don’t need more RU premium lights tbh as this would be #7 for me.


    1. yup, that theory of t-45 as the gift tank of this year was being discussed pretty much time ago, when the first pics leaks appeared from the super test posted here in TAP haha

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        1. thats not about the source, its about that the information got important right after rita posted it … just funny how things become important ;)


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