59-Patton Available on EU & Video Review (ENG, DE)

Today is Sgt_Zephyr’s lucky day.

Tank and slot, 27.45 €. Available for 6 more days. There is also a bundle with 3750 Gold here (40 €).


Video Review in English and German (at 9 minutes the German part starts) from one of our readers, RagingRaptor:


14 thoughts on “59-Patton Available on EU & Video Review (ENG, DE)

  1. Why you should buy this?
    Why you shouldnt buy this?
    Paper armor, tumor on top – so no hulldown, no pref MM, low pen, low pen gold, slow, big, fantasy tank.

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  2. everyone who buys it gets a free cyanide pill forcely given to you by WG’s intern assault team…….oh you thought it goes in your mouth? sorry no. wrong end.

    now bend over.

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      1. I got one finally!
        The wait is over, the half-blood lady is sitting in my garage, waiting patiently.
        My observations of her so far?

        The 59-Patton is a decent tank with wonderful on-the-move accuracy, alright penetration and surprisingly good spotting values. My special playstyle of playing her as a spotter, peeking above ridgelines, is working!

        There is only one thing I dislike about her: not having a tier limit. As it is right now, the half-blood lady would do perfectly without seeing tier 10, no changes would be needed to be made in regards of balance.

        So, anyone can say whatever, I couldn’t care less, the 59-Patton is a good tank, only the ones whom can’t comprehend her playstyle and role will fail with her.

        Yes, I keep calling it a she, this tank was my waifu for a while. >: P

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