TR-125 Pictures and Short Description

The Romanians made their own semi-copy of the T-72 with only a few prototypes built in the 80’s. The TR-125 was possible because of reverse engineering. They used the few T-72Ms that they received from the Soviet Union as a template. This tank was kept in secrecy for decades until it was refurbished and revealed to the public at the Bucharest Military Museum recently. The TR-125 isn’t entirely a copy. The hull is quite different in terms of size, general design, and road wheels (seven smaller road wheels on each side). It is longer, wider, and taller. However, this caused it to weigh 50 tons instead of the T-72’s 40 tons. The plus side is that it features increased armor and a more powerful engine. The turret is almost a copy, but I suspect some Chinese technology was a part of the development.

It never entered service and it will probably never will since the TR-2000 project is still going on. It would have most likely entered into service if the Romanian Revolution never occurred. Here are some pictures of the TR-125.

Exterior (T-72 to compare)

T-72M vs TR-125


P-125/TR-125 Refurbished