TR-125 Pictures and Short Description

The Romanians made their own semi-copy of the T-72 with only a few prototypes built in the 80’s. The TR-125 was possible because of reverse engineering. They used the few T-72Ms that they received from the Soviet Union as a template. This tank was kept in secrecy for decades until it was refurbished and revealed to the public at the Bucharest Military Museum recently. The TR-125 isn’t entirely a copy. The hull is quite different in terms of size, general design, and road wheels (seven smaller road wheels on each side). It is longer, wider, and taller. However, this caused it to weigh 50 tons instead of the T-72’s 40 tons. The plus side is that it features increased armor and a more powerful engine. The turret is almost a copy, but I suspect some Chinese technology was a part of the development.

It never entered service and it will probably never will since the TR-2000 project is still going on. It would have most likely entered into service if the Romanian Revolution never occurred. Here are some pictures of the TR-125.

Exterior (T-72 to compare)




18 thoughts on “TR-125 Pictures and Short Description

  1. Interesting. Looks like a different tank and still like the t72 at the same time. Like someome, multiplied the t72 by 1.1 and made it a tad more muscular.

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  2. Nice article. :)

    Somewhat want to see a review+comparison between the T-72 indigenous variants – PT-91, M-84, M-95, TR-125 & Type 96(if I’ve missed any other pls add the suggestion up)

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  3. Hmm, nice article and interesting showcasing. I think this tank could serve as a good starter premium in WoT 2.0, if it will ever see the light of day.
    Though with that size and weight, I would rather imagine it as a heavy tank.

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    1. If WoT 2.0 is coming, hope T-72 family& variants is classified as medium MBT, this tank is not over 60t so is still not heavy enough in comparison to M1/Leo 2s.

      But again, WoT 2.0 will be harder to make, seeing AW trying & failing on placing vehicles where they deserve, I don’t think the pure WoT formula works well with modern vehicles.


  4. Cool, those pics are put on imgur by me, I’ve no idea somebody looked at them actually started to analyse them. I am not specialist, I posted them there trying to make a research for Wargame Red Dragon game about a potential Romanian deck.

    The original articles from where I downloaded them is here (there was also a facebook link):

    I also read the analysis regarding TR-77 from this site and it looks it’s a more capable tank than I thought. Also I think basic TR-85 it is seriously underestimated, for his time it was quite decent.

    As I said I am not a specialist but I’d be interested in your opinions regarding armor and FCS.

    I’ll post all pictures I have with this tank afte I’ll be back from vacation.


    1. I was researching online for information regarding TR-125s, TR-2000s, TR-77-580s, and TR-85s and I found the forum post and thought it would make a decent article.

      The armor composition was probably improved from the regular T-72 and the FCS as well.

      The TR-85 is a decent tank (a lot better than what a lot of other nations owned)

      I see you found some TR-2000 pictures, I’ll be reading some of your blog post.


  5. Oh I see :) I don’t play WoT although I am telling myself for years I should try it.

    Yes, I agree with you, I think TR-85 (non-upgraded) is a much better thank than many are thinking. But there’s barely any reliable information about it except generalities. These are two recent findings about non-upgraded variant and to me it looks like the tank is moving very well:

    TR-125 is much improved compared with base T-72; there is a big chance that armor incorporated rare materials like tungsten. I wanted to start write an article as well.

    Both are different conceptually compared with Soviet tanks, it’s obvious the doctrine had different approaches.

    Cheers and keep in touch, I can pass you more info once I am back from vacation. Nice blog, I enjoyed reading it!


    1. The first video is from’s facebook that I reuploaded on YouTube.

      I’ve been trying to find information of a possible SU-100 and T-55 conversion with a 100mm A307 M1977.

      Do you think such a thing is possible?


  6. There are no known local upgrades of T-55 except WP ones (e.g. from AM to AM2) using Kladiovo, Volna etc.

    SU – 100 (AT – 100 in Romanian designation with a new scope and various internat stuff to make crew’s life better (e.g. ventilation)

    Soviet TD models were scheduled to be replaced by this TD based on MLI-84 chassis:


    1. I have a friend who is going to visit the archives. He first went to the Nation Military Museum’s archives and found a bunch of military reports dating back in 1944.

      Anyways, he going to the Ministry of Defense’s archives to look out for more stuff. We’re trying to solve the mystery of the Maresal and I think we have made some interesting discoveries.

      One of these discoveries are that the early Maresal variants are not based on the T-60 chassis but on an unspecified Soviet tankette,

      Along with a T-26 modification.

      Mounting the 100mm M1977 could’ve been considered for the T-55 and SU-100


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