Rocket League Montages

Today is a slow day, with literally no news at all, so I decided to share some videos with the best moments of some top Rocket League players. I enjoy playing this game from time to time and I thought it deserved a share. Plus it does not have money-driven developers :)


18 thoughts on “Rocket League Montages

  1. “Plus it does not have money-driven developers:)”

    Oh god, don’t get me started…
    I was going to buy Warhammer Total War after payday, then I saw a newly released DLC.
    1 new race = 17€. On sale.

    Game devs pls.

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    1. And then people complain that everything is paid DLC.

      Who’s fault is it then?
      Those who buy – blame them, not devs :D


      1. Oh I’m blaming cash cows who blindly accept that too.

        That’s also why I don’t go to see movies anymore. 14€ to go see a 3D movie in English, where I live. Fuck that. I brought a date to the movies once, It was Jurassic World. And believe me, the scariest part of the movie wasn’t the fucking dinosaurs.


  2. If someone will do this with keyboard – them I’m impressed. Otherwise – fagstick players.

    Also matchmaking? Imagine 5 times worse than WoT, 10 worse than AW, and 20 worse than CrossOut :D

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  3. no news today?
    well…i got nothing on WoT
    and WoWS Devs still holding a gun to my head…..

    but in non WG related news. theres now 5 petitions of people asking bethesda to buy Obsidian(to make fallout games), if bethesda does….who knows what will happen to AW(i wonder if ID software would experiment on it….AW “Doom version”)

    and finally. Pokemon GO news
    they sending players into minefields……..


    1. AW shall rest in piece as an abomination it is…
      Fallout? Fallout universe from FO4 became bullshit :D So many years have passed – no drivable cars?????????

      Better make Rage 2 :D

      This needs to Pokemon Stop.


      1. eh fallout 4’s story was bad yes.
        but the mechanics for leveling(not as good as skyrim, better than new vegas), combat, and settlement system(buggy as it is right now) were great

        far harbor was excellent(other than the red death. evil trolling!!!!!)
        automaton was fun(and that surprise….just wow!)

        and i’m expecting nuka world will be great.

        and cars? what cars? we’ve ONLY RECENTLY been able to start forging metal again. and thats just the brotherhood right now(airships, armor, vertibirds)
        so give it some time.


        1. FO4 is an epic fail in my eyes. Year 2016 and still mechanics like in FO3.

          Better do another

          with ALL the new tech, you dimwits :D


          1. well…..bethesda is owned by the same company that owns ID software

            so…..god help us……they have the option to use a VERY high detail game engine now


            1. Bethesda and Fallout just don’t go well together…for one, I doubt that they’ll ever attempt something like Sergeant Arch Dornan, ever.

              And honestly, I would prefer if the next Fallout is developed by Obsidian. They are clearly more loyal to the original two games(and contain members who were a part of Interplay)


              1. eh, to me fallout 4’s improved combat and settlement system made me struggle to go back to new vegas……and so i still stuck in fallout 4

                but….now that i think about it. devs REALLY seem to like remakes

                how about Fallout 1 and fallout 2 “Remakes” except with the fallout 3,NV, and 4 combat style.
                this could help people who like fallout 3,NV,4 but don’t like the gameplay of 1 and 2.

                plus its a solid story already there, that bethesda (or obsidian) can add more into without worrying about the main story being screwed.

                ……i should run for president of Bethesda…..


                1. There’s more of a division between those who liked New Vegas along with the original games and those who crave Bethesda’s interpretation of Fallout. I personally enjoyed Fallout 3 for the most part, but for many, New Vegas was a return to Fallout’s roots since there was just so much freedom involved in your character’s dialogue and decision making. As for remaking Fallout 1 and 2…I don’t know, I could see it happening in a faithful manner if Obsidian was allowed to do it.


                  1. FO4 conversation system is the best of all time!!!!!!!!!!

                    Sure, Mass Effect had one but then again – Mass Effect was way better at story.


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