LIVE > 0.5.9 PT #1 data changes

From Vaexa

Data changes


  • German battleships (and relevant modules and shells) added
  • Dunkerque added
  • Dunkerque plane added (Loire 130?)
  • German battleship planes added
  • Veterans (referral program) flag added
  • Dunkerque flag added
  • Olympics flag added
  • Taiwanese navy flag added
  • Scharnhorst flag added
  • Dunkerque permoflage added

Balance changes


  • Tenryu/St. Louis/Bogatyr/Kolberg: battle levels changed from 3/4/5 to 3/4 (preferential MM)
  • Clemson/Isokaze/Izyaslav: battle levels changed from 4/5/6 to 4/5 (preferential MM)
  • Phoenix/Kuma/Karlsruhe/Svetlana: battle levels changed from 4/5/6 to 4/5 (preferential MM)
  • Ryujo/Independence: battle levels changed from 6/7/8 to 6/7 (preferential MM)
  • Hiryu/Ranger/Saipan: battle levels changed from 7/8/9 to 7/8 (preferential MM)
  • Lexington/Shokaku: battle levels changed from 8/9/10 to 8/9 (preferential MM)
  • Atlanta: radar added (separate slot, identical to Indianapolis’0
  • Kaiser: reload time buffed (30s > 26s)
  • US BB armour models changed (it’s in the patch notes, just more detailed armour models)
  • Tirpitz: two armour groups added
  • Chinese dragons: models and effects changed
  • Mogami: armour model changed slightly
  • Phoenix: tiny armour buff
  • Omaha/Marblehead: tiny armour buff (some group got buffed from 6 > 10mm)
  • Pensacola: armour model changed slightly
  • Baltimore: armour model changed slightly
  • Tachibana: hull volume changed slightly


  • Bastion fort 16” gun: dispersion buffed, reload time nerfed (5s > 7s)


  • Bastion 16” AP: alpha buffed (7800 > 16380)
  • 305mm König Albert AP KA: alpha nerfed (9300 > 8300)
  • 305mm AP Pz. Gr. L/4.9: alpha nerfed (9300 > 8400)
  • 305mm Kaiser AP Pz. Gr. L/3.4: alpha nerfed (9300 > 8300)
  • 283mm Nassau AP Pz. Gr. L/3.2: alpha nerfed (8200 > 7200)
  • 283mm Scharnhorst AP: (8700 > 7600)
  • 420mm Großer Kurfürst HE: drag buffed, initial velocity nerfed (800 > 775), mass changed (1220 > 1280)
  • 420mm Großer Kurfürst AP: drag buffed, initial velocity nerfed (800 > 775), mass changed (1220 > 1280), alpha buffed (13500 > 13600)


  • 53-27 (Krasny Krym): range buffed (3.7km > 5.0km)


  • Smoke generator: two second start delay added

Text changes

  • Strings added for armour model viewer (armour type names)
  • Strings added for new resupply thing
  • Names added for French captains
  • Ranks added for French captains
  • Strings added for Dunkerque (description, modules, etc)
  • Strings added for voice chat
  • Strings added for French nation
  • Strings added for new co-op gamemodes
  • Strings added for new minimap functions
  • Strings added for Scharnhorst flag
  • Strings added for Dunkerque flag
  • Strings added for Taiwanese Navy flag
  • Strings added for referral program flag
  • Strings added for Olympics flag
  • Strings added for Chinese dragon flags
  • Strings added for Dunkerque permoflage
  • Strings added for new German ships and planes (names, descriptions, modules)
  • Strings added for map stuff (not really sure if they’re new maps or not, and I can’t access the game to check on this internet)
  • Rewrote several map descriptions
  • Rephrased a ton of stuff (again)

E: Warspite’s draft did get changed, probably.


5 thoughts on “ LIVE > 0.5.9 PT #1 data changes

  1. Preferential MM is a cool feature, but as usual, they implement it weirdly.

    I mean.. They give it to every low Tier just like on the Yubari and Aurora, which are weaker than the other ships and thus have this MM for a good reason. But it mean they will now have one less advantage over their regular counterparts. :/

    And the also give it to the OP-Louis. It doesn’t need it damnit.


  2. Pref MM on Saipan? Really?
    Fuck that, she should not have it considering its strengths. She should stay fighting Tier 9s, since she has tier 9 planes as well.

    Sorry, but no. Just no on Saipan having pref MM.


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