Type 62 Available on EU

  • Type 62
  • 1 Garage Slot;
  • Gold: 6,150
  • Bonus 25×Personal Reserves

40 €.




11 thoughts on “Type 62 Available on EU

  1. What happened to the earlier promise this year Wargaming, to sell non-bundled tanks as well??

    U pulling our leg WG? Or we pulling some bodily part of you?

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  2. Tank isnt worth the money. I would call it the worst tier 7 light that suffered from the power creep and introduction of better/autoloader light tanks. When you met a autoloader you get wreacked because mostly the first or second hit will kill your ammorack or engine.

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  3. Only for one day? WTF WG SEA server had it for a hole week. And i see Chinese event is coming at the end of the month i was expecting it to be sold then. I wanted to get it. WTF are they gonna sell now? Probably 112. Since it was just removed from the store. Fuck you WG.


  4. Don’t buy this crap, it’s a shittier version of the shitty WZ-131.
    I had it and it was a waste of my money and time of trying to play it.


      1. Good luck with that. It is so much fun with 145mm penetration, that you often have to use 220mm HEAT. And there your credits goes.

        The developement over the last few years even made it impossible to spot that much anymore. Other LT’s have a much better carry potential than this thing.

        I hope they will buff this tank in one of the next versions. They could give it a better gun at least so you can be more effective in a battle again.

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      2. Btw: The WZ-131 was much more enjoyable that this tank, because of better mobility, better gun an and better modul hitpoints.


      3. except WZ-131 is cheap as hell to repair by default
        with cheap, good ammo. (181 pen. so u don’t need as much gold as 181 is enough for tier 8s. and side of tier 9s)

        Type 62 will need ALOT of gold. so its credit income is worse. (145 pen vs tier 10s? no. vs tier 9s? no. vs tier 8s? just stop already)


  5. Grinded this1 years ago when there were mission for it, i like tank but they should really buff ap shell penetration…now its just bad unless u load almoast full heat :P


  6. I have for years and I rarely play it anymore but, it is a good passive scout. When used as such, it is one of my best money makers!
    Still, in this bundle it is not worth the money….

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