Q&A – 18th July 2016

– How many players use the HD client? – Less than half;
– The HD client has asynchronous behaviour between client and server regarding landscape textures. It’s the same as with low-quality landscape. – SD and HD clients have the same landscape geometry on the same settings;
– What about separate clients [pre-0.8.0], maybe subscription-based? Would you analyze the neccesity? – We will not do such a thing;

^- The game is fair, means alpha damage is caused more often…; – If you play longer then you may have heard of tests which players conducted. Not confirmed;
– But there ARE hidden parameters and RNG coefficients; – No such parameters. There is no sense in doing that;
– As soon as a developer says “yes, we have hidden parameters influencing the game” – many will feel cheated. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know of such mechanics; – I repeat – there are no such mechanics. The game is random enough. And I do know which mechanics are realized in the game;
– The interface is a bit sluggish on the 2nd test (delay after clicking) compared to live server. – Being tested after reports;


– Two matches in a row! Please comment. Same chances, same map, bottom of the list, tier discrimination (3 tier 9’s less in the first, 2 tier 9’s and 1 tier 10 less in the second battle). – Comments? Bad luck;
– That’s not “bad luck”, that’s an obvious bug of the balancer which has to be combatted, especially the last point. – I don’t see any horrendous errors in the proposed balance;
– 9.15.1 to come soon? I want to test the HD T57 in battle. How did the armor change? – Soon. It changed insignificantly;