Review of the French tanks – Part 0 : Introduction

Teckyota is a French tanks fan and fights in order to make the French tech tree more complete and more historical. It’s with this intention that he started in November 2013 the topic called L’arbre français“The French tech tree” in French (TN : which may get translated someday), which is still quite an active topic, with over 2600 posts thanks to the support of many players and fans.

Teckyota started once a topic called Critique des chars français, “Review of the French tanks” in French. This topic was meant to show that the current French tech tree could be made much more historical, without destroying the gameplay. Thus, this topic was not a review about the gameplay of the French tanks or about their poor balancing, but instead, a review about their historicity. However, quite complex and poorly structured, this topic soon got forgotten. The new and current topic (TN : the one getting translated) uses the same background as the old one, but with an improved structure.

Now that the introduction has been done, and that the topic’s title’s origin has been explained, here is below how this little serie will be posted. This serie should normally be 9 weeks long, with one tier being studied during 1 week.

Tier X tanks should be reviewed during the 1st week.

Tier IX tanks should be reviewed during the 2nd week.

Tier VIII tanks should be reviewed during the 3rd week.

Tier III tanks should be reviewed during the 8th week.

Tier II tanks, as well as the tier I tank, should be reviewed during the 9th and last week.

Every week, an article will be posted, which will list, thanks to arguments and sources, the changes that seem useful for the tanks of the concerned tier.

As reply (TN : either to the original topic in French, or eventually here), you can react against some of the proposed changes, simply by offering other changes, or by providing additional information. The only “golden rule” is to provide sources or logical arguments for each of your statements, in order to make them more credible. Further informations about any previously studied tier can still be provided, to Teckyota himself (through private messages on the forum).

Moving from a tier to another one will normally take place every Wednesday (TN : the serie’s posts on TAP however will be one tier late, for safety, in case there is the need to change something by a tier)

As conclusion for each tank, it will be decided if the tank should be (according to the study) removed from the tech tree (either because it’s overpowered, underpowered, or not historical), if the tier should be changed, or unchanged.

Therefore, it’s possible that holes appear at some moments in the tree. But don’t focus too much on them, because it’s possible that these holes may be filled during further tier studies.

For example, it’s possible that a tier 6 tank moves down to tier 5, and that during the following week, a tier 5 tank moves up to tier 6, filling the gap. In case there would be holes at the end of the 9 weeks, then the implementation of new vehicles should fill these holes.

So, thanks for remaining objective, and not to kick up a fuss because a hole appears. With that being said, thanks in advance for all the help that may be provided :)


17 thoughts on “Review of the French tanks – Part 0 : Introduction

  1. The tier X review should come within a few days. Then, the theorical shedule is Thursday. But since it’s theorical… it can be that it may not be posted on Thursday but shortly after, time will tell :)


    1. First the ingame tanks, then, there are chances that new tanks may appear, mostly thanks to holes that may come up :)


      1. I wouldn’t be mad if there could be more potential lines for the French tree but even a historical rework would mean something.


        1. There are technically several more possible lines. Some people on the French forum made a complete and respectable thread about that (up to 10 different branches up to tier X, starting from tier 0 for some, which also includes wheeled vehicles).

          Actually, this is what I was supposed to translate first… but something else (what this page is about) popped up shortly after.


  2. If this has even half the power SilentStalker went with when researching the Czech tree, then we will have a remake of dem frogs.
    Dunno if I should be glad or mad…. or even, sad. :P

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  3. This looks like it could be interesting to watch. Before I stopped playing I got pretty far into the French tree (I think it was my third most played) – even excelled in a few of the tanks most often regarded as stinkers.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My Ace Tanker with it was with 5 kills, including someone who rammed me from behind and who I noticied only after the “[player] has been destroyed” message :P

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    1. I think it deserves its place into WoT. Sadly, I fear it may require the (more or less awaited) multi-gun system first, which is, as far as I know, not really a priority for WG…


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