[Guide] Getting good Anti Aliasing for WOWS (Nvidia SGSAA)

From Redditor ZonerRoamer

These settings have been around for a long time on the German forums but it seems that they are not common knowledge yet. Dropping this here since I myself tend to forget the flag and settings whenever I update the drivers. It will get rid of A LOT of the shimmer and jaggies on the ships but not all of it.

You will need Nvidia Inspector (and and Nvidia GPU); switch in game Anti-Aliasing OFF since its pretty much useless anyway.

Needless to say you need a good GPU for this; if you want a slightly less effective AA that is not as taxing you can use 2 x MSAA + 2 x SGSAA instead of 4x

Combining this with DSR (if you have performance to spare) can provide an even cleaner image.


15 thoughts on “[Guide] Getting good Anti Aliasing for WOWS (Nvidia SGSAA)

  1. the same is true for the latest Crimson AMD drivers. in 16.6.1 they added a WoT profile. Go into it, and *override application* with AA and AF both. HUGE difference, looks amazing.

    Note – do NOT override WOWS application choices or else it becomes unplayable.

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  2. Im running a 3570K @4GHz, 16GB RAM, SSD and a GTX970 — 1920×1200.

    And guess what? This game is a pile of steaming shit performanc wise, typical WG. Only 75 FPS at max settings with regular micro stutters while graphically looking like something from 2007 (Crisis 1 looks better). Not even decent MSAA options available ingame only this FXAA BS.


    1. You have problems, I played the game over 90 fps with a gtx 970, upgraded to gtx 980 rise it to 115-120, now with a gtx 1070 is 120 al time


      1. Where do you find that line in the config? I cant go over 120 fps( I have a144hz screen) even if my gou is at 60%


      2. @trifter – thx

        While I don’t care that much about 60+ minFPS (60 Hz TFT), these micro stutters are fucking annoying. Unbelievable that one first has to hunt through some .xml files nowdays, to get rid of such nonsense. Setting that FPS entry to false, seems to have helped a lot.


  3. Do you have to have a visit inspector or will this also work with Nvidia GeForce Experience/Preformance Center?


  4. Anything bellow the setting of the guide is simply not working for me. All i get is massive FPS loss with absolutely no difference in image quality. I think i’ll stick to the default settings, i don’t even notice the difference anyway, this isn’t the kind of game that you have the time to look at the graphical details anyway.


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