[Guide] Getting good Anti Aliasing for WOWS (Nvidia SGSAA)

From Redditor ZonerRoamer

These settings have been around for a long time on the German forums but it seems that they are not common knowledge yet. Dropping this here since I myself tend to forget the flag and settings whenever I update the drivers. It will get rid of A LOT of the shimmer and jaggies on the ships but not all of it.

You will need Nvidia Inspector (and and Nvidia GPU); switch in game Anti-Aliasing OFF since its pretty much useless anyway.

Needless to say you need a good GPU for this; if you want a slightly less effective AA that is not as taxing you can use 2 x MSAA + 2 x SGSAA instead of 4x

Combining this with DSR (if you have performance to spare) can provide an even cleaner image.