Aimless Tank Gods – Episode 1 finished!

Good day to you readers, remember the TAP RNG series? Well, it’s finally out there for all of you to see! Thanks for all your awesome replays and support. Note that not all replays have been featured yet because we need some for episode 2 as well. The mail is still open for anyone who wants to send new replays:

If you have any suggestions or feedback post them in the comment section of either the video or this post.

EDIT: headphone users: you’d probably want to adjust your audio a bit.


Have a great weekend



31 thoughts on “Aimless Tank Gods – Episode 1 finished!

      1. well it’s Shady first try, with our feedback he can improve even more =P

        btw, since I am in work can’t say about the music or sounds, sounds are muted here =P

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            1. yup, and your right, just can’t judge the sounds until I get to my computer at home =P

              could judge only the visual content, and about that the only replay that I thought was strange was the 10 tomatoes clustering together for arty to shoot, ik tomatoes are dumb, but that’s a whole new level =P


              1. that was not a random battle but clanwars. why else would u group like that. If u see the chat theire are all the green players from SANTI


        1. Anyway Woras is there a way to reach you outside of TAP? I’d like to put your experience to good use and make episode 2 much better :)


  1. loved the first half, 2nd half good for what material you had to work with, definitely think you should be proud! I really liked both the font and size of having the players name in the bottom right, really think you have a solid foundation.

    thanks for taking the time and effort and sharing!

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  2. Plus points for Cave Story reference

    Music certainly isn’t great, and muting gunshots/crew voices imo doesn’t help either. First one was overall kinda blank.

    Anyways, your fav RNG series? Mine’s definitely World of LoLs, the rest doesn’t even come close imo >_>


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