Clan Wars: Changes in the Third Season

What’s New?

  • The number of income-generating provinces will be limited
  • Attacking a landing province from adjacent territories will be disabled
  • Battle time shift

Limits on the Number of Income-Generating Provinces

A new feature will be introduced that sets limits on the number of provinces, from which a clan can earn gold. The number of provinces where a clan can earn gold will be adjusted on every Front. A clan’s income will consist of the earnings from the provinces with the highest incomes.

Example: If a clan has 15 provinces and can earn gold from only 10 provinces on a Front, they will earn gold from only the 10 provinces with the highest incomes.

If a province has reached a new level and its income has been raised, the system will count the income from the most profitable provinces after those changes are applied. If several provinces with lower incomes have the same income, the system will count the profit according to the unique province ID that is recorded in the Global Map database.

Example: A clan can earn gold from 10 provinces on a Front. Eight provinces of that clan have the highest income, and four provinces—the same lower income. In this case, the income will be counted from only two of them, according to their unique ID. As a result, the total income will be generated from 10 provinces.

This feature will limit the number of profitable territories that can be owned without entering battles and will allow clans without income-generating provinces to compete for the opportunity to earn gold on the Global Map.

Landing Province Attacks from Adjacent Territories

If a clan has landed in a landing province on the Global Map and captured several provinces, but then loses the landing province, it will have to leave the map to retake control of the landing province. This feature will add to planning clan activities on the Global Map. Now clans with many provinces will have to pay particular attention to the control of their landing provinces. If a clan loses one of those provinces, its territories will be at risk, and the clans that win the landing tournament will be able to attack large province clusters.

Battle Time Shift

This feature allows clans with a small number of active members to join more battles and confront those clans that have several effective teams. To allow the same clan members to take part in battles for two provinces within the same Prime Time, the clan can shift the battle time for one of the provinces. In this case, the battles will start 15 minutes later.

The following rules apply to the battle time shift:

  • The application can be submitted after the end of the battles and not later than three turns before the next Prime Time.
  • The application is processed three turns before the Prime Time. If the application has not been processed yet, it can be cancelled.
  • A clan pays with Influence to shift the battle time. If a clan cancels the application, the Influence is returned to the clan Treasury.
  • An unprocessed application is visible only to the province owner. After the application is processed, information about the battle time shift becomes available to all clans.
  • The battle time shift is only valid until the end of the next battles. To shift the battle time of the following day, the clan needs to submit a new application.

The following clan officers can submit or cancel an application to shift the battle time:

  • Commander
  • Executive Officer
  • Personnel Officer
  • Combat Officer