Supertest: Naglfar Map

In Norse mythology, Naglfar or Naglfari (Old Norse “nail ship”) is a boat made entirely from the fingernails and toenails of the dead.


33 thoughts on “Supertest: Naglfar Map

  1. Okay, what the hell is going on with the ships? How they manage to get stuck in the middle of a mountain?
    And I thought Bad Company 2 was ridiculous in that aspect.


      1. Dev1: We need new dessert map
        WoWs Dev: You know what would make it better? A ship.
        Dev2: Yeah, but people also demand a city map.
        WoWs Dev: You know what would make it better? A ship.
        Dev3: Also we are low on some forresty maps.
        WoWs Dev: You know what would make it better? A ship.
        Dev1: Maybe we should just rework the climate for existing maps?
        WoWs Dev: You know what would make it better? A ship.
        Dev2: Okay I had enough. Get that lunatic outta here!
        WoWs Dev: Dont forget to add ships!!!
        Dev3: Who though it was good idea to bring ’em here?
        Storm: You called?

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    1. perhaps the reason for making so many maps, composed of 20-50% water in most cases is because they are giving a hint of a future implementation of amphibious tanks. =P

      TOG2 submarine version coming soon =P


  2. Someone at WG has been reading a lot of WWII occult thrillers where Nazi Germany brings about the end of the world in ice.


  3. There are plenty of cool norse words you could use as names for maps. Naglfar is not one of them – not because it doesn’t sound cool, it just doesn’t seem to make any sense.

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  4. this will be way to crowded whit that lake taking up half of the map and a mountain taking another 20%. could possibly work for 5×5 teams…..


  5. Aaaand another map with a lake in the middle, rendering it useless, and a mountain on the other part, rendering it even more useless.

    Oh by the way, Seb, I just got access to the Sandbox, I’m downloading it right now!
    I guess by now you don’t need extra sources, but I though I would mention it.

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      1. I don’t know, I have no bloody idea!
        I will test the stuff there, that’s for sure, but beyond that, I have no clue!


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