Chinese Man Makes His Own Type 99

A Chinese man makes his own Type 99 replica which looks more Type 98ish to me. Sadly, it’s not fully functioning.

Full story on the replica Type 99


32 thoughts on “Chinese Man Makes His Own Type 99

  1. Yes, it’s a Type 98. Imo, the quality of the build is quite hideous if you compare in depth, the area around the drivers vision slit is not so well done already, but I guess I can’t really be too picky about farmers building a tank with whatever metal they get.

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  2. And here i thought only Russians would go and build a tank from scratch.
    Remember when that guy built a fully functional T-60? Or was it a T-70?…

    Oh, here is another one, they built a Pz. III.

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      1. Ehh, what tank is that?
        Chinese MBTs arent my speciality, but I love the look on that one, and that ‘really’ looks like a model’s painting guide IMO.
        I almost want to assume its a Type 99, but the engine deck looks too big.


          1. Ah. Guess I was right, lol.
            99% of my knowledge on how it looks comes from BF4 though (Not proud*), might just be too short there.
            Looks more normal in comparison with that picture though, the flat side-on views always mess with my perception.


              1. Yeah, my Ha-Go knows the feeling, lol. Really need to get it’s camo fixed someday (let alone the tracks… DS stuff was too long, failed at shortening them*)
                Not my greatest luck, still new-ish to painting anyway.
                There’s a reason around 3/4s of the models I get use solid colours (T-64BV, Merkava, T-14, etc)


              2. Of course, I might actually go ahead on my plan to get a Type 99 now… lol.
                Dreading that digital camo though, looks too nice to go single-color.


      1. This is supposed to e a chinese joke/meme, I was expecting someone reply 1 2 3 4 5 5….. : )

        (Origin of this is due to the fact that PLA/PRC has made so many variants based on the Type 59 chassis, and one of the variants is Tanzanian’s new MBTs(MiC), it look so modern until you get close up and found out it’s using Type 59/69 hull. And this become a meme for all PLA tanks, combine with another one which is “All PLA tanks are Type 59 ‘kai’ “

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        1. Lemme count Churchill, 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 :^)

          I remember seeing that meme a year ago, it still makes me chuckle now.
          (This also reminded me of Type 96s getting defeated by 59s in OPFOR)

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