WoT Easter Egg Coming Soon

In the next patch of World of Tanks (9.15.1) the developers will add an easter egg about a well-known event of the 2016 Grand Finals. (Remember when Applewow got stuck?)

Text: CAUTION Falling Apples”

Nice move, WG!


30 thoughts on “WoT Easter Egg Coming Soon

      1. Well, I didnt know it was possible to get up there. (maybe its just not possible on console, as mountain pass “had” a few hiding spots in console only)
        But, certainly an ‘interesting’ easter egg when you know the source.

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        1. It was possible before the last physics patch, not sure if it’s possible now.
          The thing is that applewow got stuck in a rock and I don’t see it in the picture, maybe it was replaced with the sign + tank. Anyway it’s a nice easter egg and was suggested/requested by the eSports community

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            1. Wait, the FIRST physics patch that was introduced on PC back in 2012 or whenever? So you can’t drive into water or fall off a cliff?


  1. Welp… Just check WOTB Asia’s fb page. Found something there.. :D
    (cant post pics bc my phone’s acting weird)


  2. haha great post Seb! And as someone who moderated the stream, i can say it was a ridiculously exciting and legendary moment. thousands of people all gasping in horror, couldnt believe their eyes. not just a stuck tank but the critical moment it happened at. (i love eSports but understand why ppl do not. but i think WG is awesome for doing this)

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