WoWS Q&A – 27th June 2016

Thanks to Thorontir

While it is not from Russian forum I think this information fits this topic. Ev1n took some time to answer a couple of questions on Polish forums and I tried to translate them.

Q: Do you intend to award tier I premium ships as rewards?
A: From our point of view, the tier I premium ships do not make sense. Mainly because we don’t want experienced players to stick around those tiers.

Q: When can we expect German BBs and Royal Navy ships?
A: You can expect German BBs in the middle of the summer. They will be tested in a couple of weeks. First branch of Royal Navy can be expected at the end of Q3.

Q: Is the lack of early announcements, which would keep players interested in the game, related to the lack of development strategy and plans?
A: No. It is mainly related to changes in the strategy and very long time of introduction of said changes in a corporation as huge as WG. And I don’t mean dev team of WoWS, but rather the management and other teams.

Q: Due to very long period of time between introducing new branches, would it be possible to introduce new ships one by one, starting from lowest tiers instead of introducing the branch as a whole?
A: Currently we don’t consider this option, because it doesn’t fit with our publishing strategy for a game like WoWS. Even if we will give you tiny bits, you’ll be as hungry as before (if not more). Furthermore, this approach would not speed up the process of introducing new branches, because the development of the ships takes much time (3-7 months per ship).

Q: Would it be possible to create the clan system that would be separate from clan system of WoT in order not to kill the community as it happened to WoWP?
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: Are there any plans for endgame content?
A: I will not comment at this moment, because ideas which are being tested now might not pass those tests and will not be developed further.

Q: Do you plan scenario battles? Like attack/defend convoy?
A: Some alpha testers probably remember testing of convoys and why the only relic of those tests is Cimarron in game files? (I don’t since I joined alpha about a week before start of CBT – Thorontir). Maybe scenarios can save this ship and the convoy idea.

Q: In game files we can find USS Buffalo and USS Worcester. Are there any plans for release of those ships to the players?
A: USS Worcester lies in wait for next line of US cruisers. USS Buffalo was in our plans for a clan event, but now we are considering doing something else with her.

Q: Some time ago people mentioned moving Cleveland to higher tier. Is this change still planned or scrapped?
A: Like Worcester, Cleveland is also waiting for next branch of US cruisers.

Q: Like Buffalo and Worcester, Tone also seems to be put on the shelf. I understand that the reason is her hybrid mechanics. Do you still working on the possibility to use hybrid vessels like her in game?
A: You are correct. Current design of hybrid vessels did not passed tests with satisfactory results. Therefore, Tone and some other potential candidates for this mechanics were put on the shelf. From time to time we are going back to this concept, but it is not our highest priority.

Q: What do you plan to do with Warpack and bots?
A: We don’t plan to disclose details of our actions, because they are reading our forums as we do theirs. This epic clash will last forever – such is the charm of f2p.

Q: What about unifying free exp with other WG titles?
A: Not in the nearest future.

Q: Will other ARP ships, like Kongou and Kirishima, get their “voices” like Haruna did? Or will they continue to squeak like Iona?
A: They will, if we get the recordings from our colleagues from Asia who are negotiating with the producers of Arpeggio.

Q: Do you plan to add possibility to sell or dismiss ARP ships and captains?
A: We don’t plan such possibility. Those ships are not free credits for veterans.


There were also a couple of good questions regarding the game mechanics asked, but they need to be passed to dev team for answers. If they ever come back I’ll try to translate them too.