9.15.1 HD Models: American & Chinese Tanks

Time for the final part of the series. Will post a WoWS Q&A in a few hours, I am unable to do it now. Also my PC did a lot of bluescreens recently… it’s really annoying indeed.

Super picture heavy.

M22 Locust


M18 Hellcat



T57 Heavy Tank





19 thoughts on “9.15.1 HD Models: American & Chinese Tanks

      1. Since when does Ken look like some kind of street gangsta… just what i keep on asking myself whenever i see this song


    1. They will come later, i’m sure. They said after all of DEEZ are done they will standardize the HD style on all vehicles… as in redo the old lame ones


      1. I saw a video of an actual Locust driving around (with some M4A2-somethings behind) and the WoT model was about the same.
        What makes the difference?


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