WoWS Q&A – 24th June 2016

Thanks to Carnotzet

Latest Q&A with very few interesting news in it, so it’s a short one.

1. Me and a BB were fighting a DD up close and my secondary guns hit the friendly BB, which caused me to turn pink. Do you plan to fix this issue ?

A. We consider these situations unjust as well. Thus, it is likely we will remove friendly fire from secondaries altogether in 0.5.9 or 0.5.10.

2. I have a question regarding the latest changes to detection and SA. According to official info and to the circles on the minimap, the penalty appears and disappears immediately if at that moment nobody spotted you. But people noticed there is a certain delay. If, as a DD, I fire at a cruiser, get spotted (SA icon appearing) and within a second hide behind an island, the penalty disappears. On the other hand, If I remained spotted slightly longer, the penalty wouldn’t disappear. Is it a bug or a feature ?

A. In the current spotting system, you remain visible 3 seconds after you have left the line of sights of all enemies. In 0.5.8, SA will take this in consideration. In 0.5.9, we plan to get rid of this delay, along with adding improvements to the way smoke screen work.

3. Please explain how fighter squadrons ammo (loadout in game), dps and ammo consumption are linked together ?

A. The loadout value is in fact indicated by how many seconds the squadron can fight before running out of ammo. Strafing consumes ammo faster (generally, two strafes completely deplete ammo). The loadout varies for each aircraft.

4. Why don’t CV’s have special perks like other classes do (defensive fire, smoke, etc.) ? And the defensive fire consumable you gave them doesn’t really count, or did you add it for this specific reason ?

A. CV’s have a unique gameplay. It doesn’t mean we will not make any changes to it, including adding a special perk.


16 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 24th June 2016

  1. BTW Seb, no article on the aimbot users in football mode? They got tank removed and if they had a team in tournament they got disqualified.


      1. Here

        And here, but there are many pages of ppl babyraging

        Basically aimbot users (only in football mode, ppl who used aimbot for the ball) had their tank removed and every team that had even 1 member using this aimbot was disqualified.
        I read that from over 1k registered teams only 100 actually played, note that this might not be true, I just read some random post in one of those threads, so it may be bullshit.


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