Football Mode Cheaters

There are reports of an aimbot for the Football mode for shooting the ball, and apparently lots of people use it (in the tournament). Official quote regarding such mods (from Berbo, associate Esports Manager EU):

To answer to all the questions regarding the disappearance of T62 tank, please check the announcement news of Tank football for this text:

This is another reminder not to use any tool/mood/anything which gives an unfair advantage over your opponents during the whole tournament and the fun mode period.

In case you have additional questions, please post them in our Q&A topic.



7 thoughts on “Football Mode Cheaters

  1. Just a small correction, they didn’t use it in the tournament itself, because everybody who played with it before tournament just in the football mode got the tank removed and was disqualified from the tournament.

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  2. Also apparently RU posted 1600 names of banned people. EU doesn’t post them because of rules, but if the percentage is similar, that’ll be some 400 people.

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  3. while i do agree the mode could be improved (use the angled front armor of my tank to bounce the ball FORWARD. NOT STRAIGHT UP)
    i don’t get why people are cheating.

    personally i just focus on keepign ball on enemy side and trying to flip the enemies(love new physics. they rage so hard)


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