Q&A – 23rd June 2016

Answers by Storm:

– Wouldn’t it be better to limit arty by 1-2 pieces per team? And do something about 3 SPG platoons, like the platoon penalties you introduced recently; – The limit will be 3 SPG’s per team (talking about Sandbox);
– How about replacing VK4502 B with Mäuschen, and VK4502 A with VK 1001P? Or if you’re not planning this in the near future, are there any kind of plans regarding this? – No final decision on Mäuschen yet, no time for it. But such a variant was discussed. However, no further comments for now;
– What about splash, is it not circular anymore? – It’s a triangle now (Sandbox);
– The FV215b was included with wrong characteristics, it will be disabled and reintroduced after the fix (Sandbox);

Answers by Yurko on Sandbox forum:

– Stunning is not planned for artillery with small calibre;
– The players always want their class to be the best. But we want not only all classes to be equal in value, but also necessary to some extent for normal gameplay;
This is not the last iteration, so let’s not “kill” the game, delete the client and urge your over999 friends to leave. Just write how playing was for you;
– I’ll spoiler the next patch a little. There will be a slight nerf in firing comfort for the 261. Main changes will be applied to stun logic. Stun severity will depend more on distance from the impact, thus visibly reducing stun time;
– Economics on Sandbox: +50k for each battle, +500k and 500 gold once a day;
– Currently, the assist damage already exceeds the arty’s own damage. And the question how much one will earn for damage dealt is not relevant right now. Economy will be fine-tuned later;
– The big medipack lowers stun time by 10-15%;

– Object 263 will be returned in the next patch (Sandbox);