Q&A – 23rd June 2016

Answers by Storm:

– Wouldn’t it be better to limit arty by 1-2 pieces per team? And do something about 3 SPG platoons, like the platoon penalties you introduced recently; – The limit will be 3 SPG’s per team (talking about Sandbox);
– How about replacing VK4502 B with Mäuschen, and VK4502 A with VK 1001P? Or if you’re not planning this in the near future, are there any kind of plans regarding this? – No final decision on Mäuschen yet, no time for it. But such a variant was discussed. However, no further comments for now;
– What about splash, is it not circular anymore? – It’s a triangle now (Sandbox);
– The FV215b was included with wrong characteristics, it will be disabled and reintroduced after the fix (Sandbox);

Answers by Yurko on Sandbox forum:

– Stunning is not planned for artillery with small calibre;
– The players always want their class to be the best. But we want not only all classes to be equal in value, but also necessary to some extent for normal gameplay;
This is not the last iteration, so let’s not “kill” the game, delete the client and urge your over999 friends to leave. Just write how playing was for you;
– I’ll spoiler the next patch a little. There will be a slight nerf in firing comfort for the 261. Main changes will be applied to stun logic. Stun severity will depend more on distance from the impact, thus visibly reducing stun time;
– Economics on Sandbox: +50k for each battle, +500k and 500 gold once a day;
– Currently, the assist damage already exceeds the arty’s own damage. And the question how much one will earn for damage dealt is not relevant right now. Economy will be fine-tuned later;
– The big medipack lowers stun time by 10-15%;

– Object 263 will be returned in the next patch (Sandbox);


67 thoughts on “Q&A – 23rd June 2016

  1. “– How about replacing VK4502 B with Mäuschen, and VK4502 A with VK 1001P? Or if you’re not planning this in the near future, are there any kind of plans regarding this? – No final decision on Mäuschen yet, no time for it. But such a variant was discussed. However, no further comments for now”

    Please do it. Japanese got Superheavies from Tier V up to Tier X, why not give Germans superheavies From Tier VIII to Tier X?

    “– The big medipack lowers stun time by 10-15%”


    “– Stunning is not planned for artillery with small calibre;”

    Have fun dealing 10-20 damage per shot in LefH and FV304

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        1. You gotta feel the millenia long strouggle of the Hungarian people, being always in the worst place, but still standing tall, defending the rest of Europe from destructive forces through near-martyric self sacrafice.

          Here, listen National Anthem of Hungary, aka, Himnusz (Hymn), the lyrics and its pacing should give you a hint of how bad our history was:

          No other country has a national anthem this sad and slow paced.
          Can you feel it now?

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          1. Shit, I still don’t get it :) :) :) Although my first language was Hungarian, my brother is 100% Hungarian, I will get Hungarian citizenship soon, but still, I feel like a Serb, and I don’t get any of those fucked up Hungarian ways :) :) :) If I move to Hungary in few years maybe I’ll understand it, but for now, I see only two issues in Hungary and its history:

            1. Balaton lacks salt to be a sea :) :) :)
            2. Transylvania was NOT ruled by Janos but by Vlad, which proves Marko Drakula is a Serb :) :) :)


            1. Perhaps I could show you around in Budapest once.
              About the other things you said: calling Balaton the Hungarian sea is just an expression.
              And please, for the sake of all that’s unholy and evil, do NOT bring up history to me. Or anyone, in this matter.

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                  1. Indeed, the name is coming from a proto-Slavic word and has nothing to do with Romanians.
                    Sorry Seb, but in this case, just as in many others, the propaganda of your country created a lie that was spread and is believed to be the truth, even though it is clearly not.

                    You don’t believe me? Check the wikipedia page of the Balaton:

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                    1. Seb, you know that I don’t get jokes.
                      Noticing trolling is also difficult for me, and it especially is if it’s something rather insulting for me.
                      This is also why I don’t want to bring up history in any manner.


              1. Dear Sgt_Zephyr,

                Hungarians in Serbia and Serbs, have an expresion, it goes something like: I don’t give a fuck, bcs Hungary has NO sea :) :) :) I’m always offering my brother to export some salt from Serbia, so he can salt the Balaton, to be as salty as his tears bcs Hungary has NO sea :) :) :) That’s a cool thing, we all joke about, it’s NOT an insult for Hungary or Hungarians. All in all, neither does Serbia has sea :( :( :(

                I’m NOT bringing any history, I’m just trolling and joking!!! I have huge issues with Zemun’s history, and I do hate all assholes that attacked my lovely little town. I hate Serbian fascist as much as I hate Hungarian fascist, as much as I hate Croatian fascist, as much as I hate Seb :) :) :)

                To conclude this history: Srbija do Tokija, sa mojom Hrvatskom, Slovenackom, Bosanskom, Crnogorskom i Makedonskom bracom :) :) :) and to quote my brother: Kedves nézőink a tojás :) :) :)

                p.s. I have no idea why he likes to say that shit, but it’s funny as hell every time :) :) :)


                1. I read your comment and am under the impression that you believe that you can insult me with saying that Hungary has no sea.
                  Well, sorry for popping your bubble, but it does not work.
                  My nation has been fucked over countless times, so it doesn’t really matters anymore.
                  Besides, Lake Baikal ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Baikal ) is sometimes called a sea, yet it’s a lake. Though the biggest one. Just to further how a name of a geological location does not have anything to do with what it really is.

                  You know, it’s funny when you try your hardest to troll and it just doesn’t work! :)
                  Nice try! :P

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                  1. Mr. Sgt_Zephyr, that wasn’t trolling, I was just telling you a nice story, but if I say: Who the fuck calls a center -> centrum, than I’m trolling :) :) :) Anyhow, I love you Mr. Sgt_Zephyr as much as I love Woras, and that is TOP insult :) :) :)


  2. I thought they were supposed to be listening to “their” community. Most of us want a max of 2 arty per game and the limit will be 3… Occasionally we see 5 arty games, but we nearly always see 3 arty games, so they’re not improving the situation.

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    1. because you think this place is “THE” community ?
      It’s a rather small, if not negligible part of the community. They do listen to THE community but we are just a niche.

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  3. Details don’t actually matter that much. It is the general idea behind the changes that must be discussed.
    WOT development has been about details for the past years and that’s why it didn’t go the right way.

    The main concept behind the sandbox changes is introducing a very specific class system along with specific roles for vehicles.
    LIke league of legends.
    And that kills the most important aspect of thisgame, the freedom. Freedom to choose how we want to play with our favourite tanks.

    So it is not going the right way. Details are almost irrelevant

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    1. This very freedom you talk of brought us here. Every tank was ‘balanced’ so it would be competent against any opponent. This is why a T-54 lightweight can absolutely wreck a tier 10 HT if caught alone.

      No, this ‘freedom’ of yours is cancer, worse than the GLORIOUS ARTILLERIJA Sky Cancer arties of the game. The players will still have freedom, the exact amount required for a fair and balanced game. In a non-sracastic manner.
      If you feel oppressed by being ‘forced’ to do a specific role in a tank you voluntarily researched and grinded out, then maybe it’s time for you to change.

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      1. MAYBE if I knew that 6+ months later they will completely change the role of the tanks I researched I would have choosen other tanks to get. Now I might have at least 2 tanks with useless crew and equipment, a shitty playstyle and a shitload of my free time wasted on them…


        1. Isnes, don’t act like you are the only one who will get this shit.
          Everyone will get the global rebalance, which means that everyone will suffer the same consequences. What if someone has over a dozen tanks he won’t be able to play anymore because of the rebalance? Well, shit happens, you gotta adjust yourself and carry on!

          You know that I’m an arty player and how seriously the arties will be fucked up. Yet, can you hear me openly complaining about it? I will potentially lose the most fun and enjoyable tanks from the game yet I’m not whining like you, over a couple tanks that could be replaced!

          So, man up, reconsider your thoughts and proceed with caution.

          Or poison monkeys will rip your face off! O_O


            1. This is what the Sandox is for, This very thing.
              To test balancing features, to see how a change would impact the game in all of its aspects.
              This is why the changes are not directly applied to the live servers. See?

              Besides, we still have over 2 months until the next patch will arrive, so, no worries.


          1. Well said, sir! It’s all about adjusting to a new situation. People don’t like changes, are often stuck in their ways. Just wait untill the big global rebalance hit the liveserver, and hold your whining until you’ve played a thousand games. If you can’t adjust to that new situation, you are either a bad player, or WG fucked up. We’ll see how it turns out.

            The current situation is bad in WoT, but I still enjoy playing it every day. It won’t get worse, just different. We will still enjoy it after the rebalance.

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      2. No, the freedom is what maintains your sanity. When your LT’s suicide at the start of the battle, you can spot for yourself. When in LT you are spotting targets and nobody bothers to shoot them, you can do DMG yourself to an extent. When your heavies hug the redline, you can brawl in MT or a TD (some of them not all though).

        If tanks are going to have more specific roles, you are going to be forced to do exactly the same thing with them every match. Which is what WG wants, because bad players then don’t have to think about enemy team’s lineup, they’ll just go to a position they learned is decent for them and they will be able to always do something.

        Game is going to be less varied, matches will be similar to each other, creative freedom of what to do will be suppressed…. but shitters will be more happy so yay.


        1. Woolgun, did you play back in the Open Beta days?
          Do you remember how the game was back then?
          Because the developers are trying to bring that back. The thing they fucked up with making all classes capable to do about the same things.

          Please stop trying to tell me, and most importantly, yourself that every tank should be capable of doing the same thing.
          I might not be able to give a detailed description of how things should be, or prove my point with a sophisticated and well detailed reply, but believe me when I say that returning to the old ways IS the way to keep the game alive.


          1. Most tanks should be capable of doing most things to a certain degree. Heavies should be able to spot for themselves, not get invisi fired to death from 250m. LT’s should have a gun that atleast gives them a change to fight against tanks. Meds should be JOAT, capable of spotting, damaging, flanking, flexing around the map.

            Yes I played this game in 2010/2011. It was pretty shitty back then. Arty shat on everything, heavies were incredibly strong, TD’s were capable of invisi firing on most maps and had avesome guns. Meds had shitty guns, again only thing keeping them alive was invisi firing. Game balance back then was more broken than it is now.

            This game was properly balanced around 2013 I’d say, not sure exactly, when there was no WT E100, 183, maps were balanced for most classes. Apart from arty obviously, arty was still a pain in the ass.


            1. You just prooved my point. I may have said wrong dates, as my memory is rather bad, but this is exactly the thing i was talking about.
              The devs are trying to return to the old, actually balanced game, and of course, apply changes, such as the long awaited arty-balance.

              I don’t think there is anything else to be said, this is the test server, to test things so they will know what happens.


              1. But they are not doing that at all.

                They are reducing possibilites of how to hurt heavy tanks. There are two things that are kinda positive, but depends on how they will look like at the end:
                A – nerfing premium ammo (arguably a good thing, depends on how they would balance other aspects of the game and how much they will nerf it).
                B – nerfing arty – well it’s not really a nerf, arties are actually stronger when it comes to impact they have on the game, stunned tank is unusable

                And then you have shitload of other changes that are killing most other tanks except for heavies:
                – pen loss over distance – so now you can’t penetrate well armored tanks on bigger distances
                – shell distribution – so you can’t hit weakspots of HT as reliably
                – mobility nerfs – so the game is slower, meds cannot get sides as effectively and game is actually more campy as a result, because playing agressively will be more punished
                – viewrange nerfs – people see it as giving role to light tanks, I see it as forcing people to fight in corridors because if they leave it they’ll get outspotted, so they will rather fight in close quarters

                I don’t even know what else was changed, but this is not what the game looked like 3-4 years ago.
                And it’s not even better than what it is right now.

                And worst thing is, WG’s goals seem to be set in stone – not the ways how to reach them, but the goals yes. What is the goal of these changes? Make HT’s by far the most dominant class in the game. Because that’s what shitty players want. They want to play their invincible HT, they don’t want to learn how to play effectively with HT’s, they want to drive into the open and not get penetrated.
                Also mobility, shell distribution and other changes are meant to lower the impact of skilled players on the game.


                  1. Then I’ll tell you that WG needs shitstorm as a feedback because they won’t change it otherwise. So I am the bringer of a shitstorm :)


                    1. I see.
                      With this said, I achieved understanding. Similarly, I concluded a rather simply reaction to what my view should be on this oncoming war between WG and Woolgun.

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      1. Well.
        I suppose I shouldn’t even bother trying to play arty after teh rebalance.
        If this stays, of course.
        Such bullshit…


      1. Exactly..You’ll go bankrupt paying 10k for every battle. So therefore, you need a premium account which is..guess what: real money :O


  4. Why on earth replace the VK45.02B? It’s historical and a brilliant tank to play. VK45.02A is also historical I think.

    Replacing them would be sad, IF they do decide to replace it I hope players will get them back somehow.

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    1. Well, they’re not perfectly historical, to say the least.

      With multi-hull concept, maybe they could be fusionned within one single tank, so you could be able to choose between front turret or rear turret.

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      1. They are indeed not perfectly historical (armor and gun wise) Would be great if they could retain the 2 tanks combined into one where you can choose to have front or rear turret.

        I feel the Panther at tier 7 needs changes too, they should have the ausf G or D turret as the main one and not the prototype Schmallturm, and some sideskirts too as an upgrade. It would look much better and more historical.

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      2. The VK 45.02 A and VK 45.02 B are far from historical. The only thing historical about it is the shape of the hull. The two vehicles are supposed to have the same specs, same engine, same turret (Tiger II stock turret), same gun (8,8cm L/71), same armor (80mm UFP and 100mm turret front), etc.

        They should be dropped to tier 7

        Replacing it with the Mauschen and the VK 1001 would make it more historical

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        1. That was the plan for it when they wanted to replace it with the Mauschen.
          But, it did not work out, so the tier 7 premium was scrapped, sadly.
          They would have made it completely historical, though. Such a waste of a good opportunity…

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