WoWS Leak: Tier VII German Battleship Scharnhorst Stats‏

Recieved this on the TAP e-mail from a Chinese source. Site is



Translation may be a bit off, but it is understandable.

Armored Deck80~95 mm
Citadel350 mm
Torpedo Protection22%

maximum speed30 knots
rudder shift time14.2 s
Turning Circle Radius800 m
view range27.1 km
Detectability by sea15.7 km
Detectability by air12.4 km

Main battery:

280mm/54 C34 (3 x 3)
Firing Range19.9 km
Reload time20 s
aim speed25 s per180 degree
射界:正负 150
HE shell3200dmgvelocity 890 m/schance of fire: 20%
AP shell8700dmgvelocity 890 m/snormalization  -8 degree


G7a T1 533mm (2 x 3)
speed64 knot
range6 km
reload time68sec

secondary armament

150mm SK C28 
firing range5km
reload time7.5 sec
HE shell1700chance of fire 8%

105mm SK C33 
firing range4.5km
firing range3.35 sec
HEshell1300chance of fire 9%


far116dmg4.5 km
middle18dmg3.5 km
near51dmg2 km


9500 gold