WoWS Leak: Tier VII German Battleship Scharnhorst Stats‏

Recieved this on the TAP e-mail from a Chinese source. Site is



Translation may be a bit off, but it is understandable.

Armored Deck80~95 mm
Citadel350 mm
Torpedo Protection22%

maximum speed30 knots
rudder shift time14.2 s
Turning Circle Radius800 m
view range27.1 km
Detectability by sea15.7 km
Detectability by air12.4 km

Main battery:

280mm/54 C34 (3 x 3)
Firing Range19.9 km
Reload time20 s
aim speed25 s per180 degree
射界:正负 150
HE shell3200dmgvelocity 890 m/schance of fire: 20%
AP shell8700dmgvelocity 890 m/snormalization  -8 degree


G7a T1 533mm (2 x 3)
speed64 knot
range6 km
reload time68sec

secondary armament

150mm SK C28 
firing range5km
reload time7.5 sec
HE shell1700chance of fire 8%

105mm SK C33 
firing range4.5km
firing range3.35 sec
HEshell1300chance of fire 9%


far116dmg4.5 km
middle18dmg3.5 km
near51dmg2 km


9500 gold


38 thoughts on “WoWS Leak: Tier VII German Battleship Scharnhorst Stats‏

  1. 射界 is firing arc, the angle the turrets can turn in each direction.

    Basically only 30° on each side are not there, that’s very very good angles.

    Most other ships have only 35-45


  2. 280mm guns….looking good.
    30 knots…even better!
    Many 105mm AA…kickass !
    Pretty damn good citadel….I WANT !

    9500 gold premium….fuck that shit.

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  3. Actually, on the Chinese server in WoT, can’t they buy any tank they want for gold without grinding it? If so, it’s probably the same for WoWS, so this ship might be in the regular tech tree.


      1. I have seen tell that the Gneisenau will be in with a 381mm gun option, whether as with the Myogi the smaller guns are better is up for debate and depends on the stats, and I think the class will be at T7, with the Bismarck alongside the Tirpitz at tier 8.


    1. Japanese line is full of battle cruisers, but for game purposes they grouped in one line. I am not even sure if any nation can do two full lines of BBs and BC

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      1. ” I am not even sure if any nation can do two full lines of BBs and BC”
        Royal Navy can… probably that’s why we still don’t have Brits…


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