9.15.1 HD Pictures: Pz.Kpfw. III, E 75, Waffentrager auf Pz. IV, AT-1


18 thoughts on “9.15.1 HD Pictures: Pz.Kpfw. III, E 75, Waffentrager auf Pz. IV, AT-1

        1. Funny, my pzIII often had a place in other’s buttholes :^)

          Load the studdy 75, go go HE and high octane fuel, and rock and roll.


          1. Am i the only one to notice this PZ 3 model is horribly wrong? Check Warthudner and then come back. THis model is FAIL. literally everything wrong with it is still wrong


            1. This PZ 3 model is awful. Ausf L mantle. Ause E suspension. Ausf F frontal, No Ausf M Slat Armor, Wrong rear deck. This model is awful. it looks more like VK 2001 D


              1. Gaijin isn’t perfect xD Just look at some of their tanks and the T29

                Are you comparing the models correctly? This looks like a Pz. III Ausf. L

                The frontal It has the same addition frontal turret looks to be the same as the Ausf. M and L. The suspension is the same as the Ausf. M and L, nothing like the Ausf E. The lack of slat armor looks to be the Ausf. L

                The the thing you seem right about is the engine deck. It seems Ausf E but it might be some other factory


  1. I was waiting for HD Pz III since they announced HD tanks. I sold it once, then rebought and keep it since now. Yay, maybe I will drive it more now :D

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  2. Wonder how much a nerf there was on the armor of the e75 after the HD-remake. There is always some sort of nerf when it comes to german tanks.

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      1. Heyyo, lol this. I still remember with the AMX AC 48 got an HD model and the frontal armor turned into a joke… who needs the AA turret when you can just shoot anywhere but the gun mantlet? :P


      2. So the french armornerfs makes my tiger 1 and tiger P have less armor than when they were non-hd? hmm. I think they’ve changed the armorvalues of the turret of both something like 4 times already. from 100 to 120, to 100 then to 120 and then back to 100 again. E100 had LFP angle changed when it went HD. But still some of the biggest nerfs have occured to the brit tanks, gone are the epic gunmantlets of the comet, cent 1 and cent 7/1.


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