Next WoT patch – 9.15.1

The next WoT patch will be 9.15.1 and is supposed to be a so-called “technical and intermediate” update, no release date is known yet. 9.16 is expected to come around August-September.
No full patchnotes were provided yet, only the following is known.

EDIT: Patch is now on Supertest. Added full list of changes.

Game Features:
– Sound improvements:
– Added sound for damage to own tank due to HE splash;
– Added sound informing about allied tank’s death;
– Implemented 3D positioning of enemy spotting sound;

Technical Tasks:
– Reworked visual effects of tanks sliding against one another;
– Various optimizations regarding performance stabilization;

– Following changes to Soviet tanks were made:
– Dispersion while moving the hull reduced by 40%;
– Dispersion while turning the hull reduced by 40%;
– Maximum reverse speed changed vron 12km/h to 14km/h;
– Maximum speed changed from 34km/h to 38km/h;
– Viewrange changed from 350m to 380m;
– Aimtime of the gun 130mm S-26 changed from 2.5s to 2.1s;
– Reload time of the gun 130mm S-26 changed from 12s to 10.3s;
– Precision of the gun 130mm S-26 changed from 0.4 to 0.37;

– The tank Lorraine 40t was replaced by Bat-Chatillon 25t AP;
– Following tanks were added for supertesters:
– Object 257
– Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2
–  T95/Chieftain
–  VK 65.01 (H)
–  Rheinmetall Skorpion
–  Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger

The following 24 vehicles were remade into HD quality:
G.W. E 100
Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer
Dicker Max
Pz.Kpfw. III
E 75
Waffentrager auf Pz. IV
AMX 13 75
T57 Heavy Tank
Großtraktor – Krupp
G.W. Tiger (P)
M22 Locust
FV215b (183)
Rhm.-Borsig Waffentrager
G.W. Panther

Additionally, following HD tanks were reworked:
M18 Hellcat

– “Prokhorovka”, “Cliff”, “Ensk” and “El-Halluf” got their minimaps redrawn in the new style;
– Updated some effects on the following maps:
“Training ground”
“Sand river”
“Fiery Salient”


34 thoughts on “Next WoT patch – 9.15.1

      1. I’m sure we will see it back as a premium, yes. It’s against WG’s logic to just remove it.

        Probably tier 8 prem with AMX13-90’s autoloader ? The CHAR Lorraine had a 100 MM gun though…

        so maybe 100MM with terrible dispersion, reload, accuracy etc..

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  1. – Added sound informing about allied tank’s death;

    if this works as I am thinking, we will hear it every 10 secs, while your team gets obliterated in the 3min matchs that we get now in MM =P

    – The tank Lorraine 40t was replaced by Bat-Chatillon 25t AP;

    byebye Lorraine 40t

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    1. Same… I saw a mod a while back which re-raised the machinegun, but it’s been broken since ~9.6. Hopefully WG re-raises it themselves, as well as updates the model (it looks lower quality than the new ones, at least to me).


    1. I’m guessing later, since only tier 10s are being tested on Sandbox at the moment. However, I’d expect the artillery/LT rebalance to *possibly* appear around that timeframe.


  2. “Additionally, following HD tanks were reworked:

    Waitwaitwaitwait… What? Can we get before/after comparisions, please?


    1. FV215b probably won’t be getting an HD model, as it’s up for replacement soon™ (probably with the Super Conqueror). Still waiting for the others, though…

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    2. In case you have managed to avoid this information until this point, read the following part carefully. In case this doesn’t apply and you are just whining, skip the whole post.

      WG does NOT make the HD remodels. They tried, but as they were limited to about 6 per patch due to limits in available time and personnel, they decided to contract a number of independent 3D-modelling studios to do the work by specifications provided by WG. The models were ordered as a big lump and are released as they become available. There are no priorities among the tanks so as far as we are concerned, the models are released in completely random order.

      WG does still make HD tank models itself, though. The reworked HD models are almost certainly made by WG and all new tanks are modelled by WG.

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        1. That is certainly something that is left for the viewer to decide, but generally the new WG-made HD models have been very nice. The Berlin Quattro and their standard counterparts are made by WG, Tiger 1 is made by WG and all new premium are WGs handiwork as well.

          I certainly think that if nothing else, WG can make pretty models if they want to. Then there are things like the AMX 13 57 GF…

          The Tiger 1 is a funny tank though, as it apparently has the most complicated HD model in the game. WG released it pretty early and later have decided that for example, the track model quality used by Tiger is far too high. In a word, it may be the finest model in the game. I’m not complaining.


  3. Sond improvements.

    Well, well, well, but:
    Still no female voiceovers. GG patriarchal WG.
    For Holy Mary’s sake give the women a voice :-)
    Over and out


  4. Locust gets a HD model? Yay!

    Due to numerous irrational reasons Locust is one of my all-time favourite tanks. Have to admit though, I have always had a weak spot for experimental, quirky tech and paratrooper tanks.


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