Q&A – 12th June 2016

With Yuri Kuryavy (Wargaming community lead)
Thanks Vlad!
– First arty changes can be seen on the Sandbox;
– There will be info about Sandbox next week, official vehicle parameters etc;
– Our task is not to exclude arty from the game, but to make it more popular and neccesary + not to cause negative reactions among the playerbase;
– There is no need to open a server in Central Asia (yet); (Seb: Open one in South America already)
 – Yes, Swedish branch will come this year, but no dates yet, the priority is now Sandbox and balance;
– Smoothbore guns – we’re focusing on different tasks currently;
– 50×50 battles – no comment;
– We have ideas on new gamemodes;
– “Cheats” (forbidden mods) – closing sites is not a solution to the problem for us as a company, we want to change the game so either using cheats is unnecessary, or impossible;
 – Berlin and Paris will probably be introduced into random;
– Teamkill will not be removed – it’s a gameplay element;
– We recently started work on the second season of personal missions, but no details or dates yet;
– Personal rating by region, best player etc. – we’re working on this, but no details yet, it will be a complex rating;