Q&A – 11.06.2016

Konstantin Soldatov:
– KV-2 will come in HD soon;
– Smokescreens – I can’t say anything yet…
– New camouflages are planned;
– Perks have to be redone, it is a problem that has to be tackled along with the steep learning curve;
– Hydraulics on the Strv 103 on the Swedish tanks – you’ll see when they come out;

Aleksey Ilyin on tank football stream:
– The ball appears each time on a different height in the middle;
– The ball consists of 2 turrets glued together, this was used in 2014 too;

– 268 5  – might not come as CW reward and might be rebalanced, not final yet;

– Did you know about the mechanic that ricochets do not count to blocked damage? – This was a surprise even for me, although it’s in the game for 4 years already;
– Why is the HT13 mission in place then? How is this to be accomplished? – If a shell contacts with an armor group where it would deal damage and ricochets, this counts as blocked damage.
Blocked damage is not counted if:
1) A shell ricochets off an armor screen or the gun mantlet, thus not reaching an armor group which would deal damage;
2) A shell penetrates an armor screen but does not hit an armor group which would deal damage;
3) A shell didn’t penetrate a track and didn’t reach an armor group which would deal damage;
– Sandbox is testing tier 10 first, right? What comes afterwards? Will the tier 10 changes be pushed to public ASAP or wait for the results on other tiers? – The latter;
– How many tanks are in the game? 400+? Will you make it before our sun turns into a red giant? – No;
– Mikhail, don’t you think it would make more sense to balance all tanks which can enter a tier 10 battle? – It also makes sense to start with tier 10 only;
– The Pz 5/4 was moved to tier 5, what I want to ask is whether the hydrostat, which has the same gun, will recieve the same gun characterstics? – No, such changes are not planned;
– Mikhail, when will Sandbox come? – When it’s ready;


26 thoughts on “Q&A – 11.06.2016

  1. “– Hydraulics on the Strv 103 on the Swedish tanks – you’ll see when they come out;”
    Hope this means we will see the E-10 implemented and give the hydraulics to the STB-1 too

    “– 268 5 – might not come as CW reward and might be rebalanced, not final yet;”
    Turreted TD line please

    “– How many tanks are in the game? 400+? Will you make it before our sun turns into a red giant? – No;”
    Suck on this “WoT is dying” bobs… WoT will live until the world ends 😀

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      1. I believe you would require to need in the ‘tall’ mode to drive around. For balance purposes. No bullshit at all.

        But I get your idea and I want the E 10.

        About the Q&A itself: Storm would literally die if he couldn’t reply with sarcasm, huh?..

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          1. I could have swore it wasnt supposed to be able to move while ‘short’?
            Though, that’s the flaw of it not having been built, lol.


              1. In fairness, im unable to remember my source, the E-10 is an especially rare one to hear anything about.
                So it might have been able to, Im just pretty sure it couldnt for some reason.
                Surprisingly, ive yet to read through Panzer Tracts, but let me know if you find out.


                  1. Fair enough then. If I was on a PC, id check the link, but due to numerous reasons, stuck using Internet Explorer on my PS4.
                    Not sure where I read that it couldnt? But ehh…
                    Now im stuck wondering if the Strv 103 and Type 74 can drive + use hydraulics lol


                  2. Or said link worked, that’s surprising…
                    I question the part about saying it was designed(?) as a counter to the M18 though. Other than that, really doesnt specify if it can drive while short, which is odd.
                    That aside, im still under the impression it wouldnt work very well, as an almost flat track run would heavily comprimise the potential to climb over obstructions, for one thing.
                    Completely irrelevant for WoT though.


                    1. Quite possible, but it just struck me a bit odd. As IIRC the Hellcat first saw combat in ’44. Which seems a bit fast to aim for a counter.


    1. In AW its very useful – I once remember we had basically ninja-smoke-bombed 100 meters from enemies behind them 😀


  2. ETA or it’s all just talk! Just like the last three years that I’ve been playing and next to nothing done. Income must be dropping for them to be giving us this much of a song and dance.


    1. Once upon a time, WG gave ETAs. But alas, players were idiots, and if something got shifted, even for completely legitimate reasons, they whined like a bunch of crying kids. And so, WG said: “No more ETAs for you”. And it was this way forever more.


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