Q&A – 11.06.2016

Konstantin Soldatov:
– KV-2 will come in HD soon;
– Smokescreens – I can’t say anything yet…
– New camouflages are planned;
– Perks have to be redone, it is a problem that has to be tackled along with the steep learning curve;
– Hydraulics on the Strv 103 on the Swedish tanks – you’ll see when they come out;
Aleksey Ilyin on tank football stream:
– The ball appears each time on a different height in the middle;
– The ball consists of 2 turrets glued together, this was used in 2014 too;
– 268 5  – might not come as CW reward and might be rebalanced, not final yet;
– Did you know about the mechanic that ricochets do not count to blocked damage? – This was a surprise even for me, although it’s in the game for 4 years already;
– Why is the HT13 mission in place then? How is this to be accomplished? – If a shell contacts with an armor group where it would deal damage and ricochets, this counts as blocked damage.
Blocked damage is not counted if:
1) A shell ricochets off an armor screen or the gun mantlet, thus not reaching an armor group which would deal damage;
2) A shell penetrates an armor screen but does not hit an armor group which would deal damage;
3) A shell didn’t penetrate a track and didn’t reach an armor group which would deal damage;
– Sandbox is testing tier 10 first, right? What comes afterwards? Will the tier 10 changes be pushed to public ASAP or wait for the results on other tiers? – The latter;
– How many tanks are in the game? 400+? Will you make it before our sun turns into a red giant? – No;
– Mikhail, don’t you think it would make more sense to balance all tanks which can enter a tier 10 battle? – It also makes sense to start with tier 10 only;
– The Pz 5/4 was moved to tier 5, what I want to ask is whether the hydrostat, which has the same gun, will recieve the same gun characterstics? – No, such changes are not planned;
– Mikhail, when will Sandbox come? – When it’s ready;