Sandbox Server Update: New Leaked Stats (Tier 10)

I am back with a new Sandbox leak, this time of the new version (especially for all the haters saying that I leaked an old version, yes I am looking at you Storm and Ectar)

There was a ~ 260 MB patch on the sandbox server, the build number went from #18 to #41. Servers are now online.

General changes: HEAT damage nerfs were rolled back, Ruski mediums were nerfed a bit, and there are mobility nerfs to all tanks except for lights. (Hey WG, can you please bring the old T-50 engine back? Thanks)

See for yourself. Only tier X so far. Posting the tier 9s and 8s as soon as I can.

Let’s do this. I am just as hyped as you are.


113 thoughts on “Sandbox Server Update: New Leaked Stats (Tier 10)

      1. I dunno Ectar is pretty reasonable, atleast in my experience, are you sure he meant you?
        He’s also usually cool to talk to so try that if you have any problem with him.


            1. No, that actually makes you a terrible source. If half (or even 20%) of the stuff you post is false, then everything you post is worthless. There is no point to paying attention to “leaks” if they may or may not be true.


              1. Hater. How much did Rita pay you? Or it was pics?
                I wouldnt accept it tho myself – she kind of looks like my sister :D
                Dunno if character is the same…

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  1. soo the path for the arty rebalance will be then

    -arty never pens
    -splash splash splash
    -arty fire only HE, no more AP, or prem HE

    why they can’t remove all the prem ammo then =P


    1. cause some tanks have crap pen and need gold to pen others of their tier

      like super p, t-34-3, t95e2, t-34-2, and such shooting is-6 and is-3
      or tier 7s shooting is-3 and is-6

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        1. try penning an Is-6 or IS-3 frontally with Super P.

          or a E75

          or LOL a vk 45.02b RIP you. just RIP

          all 4 of these tanks can circle a super p.

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          1. @arentatano IK some tanks have worse pen, but if they intend to do a global rebalance, they could pretty well remove prem ammo and rework the normal ammo, and ofc if the game is intended to be balanced, some tanks should not have the power to pen the front of others, like a light doing it on a heavy =P


            1. if tunnel maps weren’t a thing. i’d agree with ya

              but as it is, the tunnel maps. the mass camping. and the people camping as a group means u need to be able to pen them frontally as flanking is usually not possible. or if it is, would expose you to so much fire you’d die

              penning frontally could me the cupola, or driver hatch. but it needs to be something until WG shows they know how to make a fair map where tanks can flank

              if a tank is impenetrable frontally, and flanking is as suicidal as it is now. then it becomes OP. example is OI, vk 45.02b. etc

              but theres also tanks like IS-3 and IS-6. super p can’t pen frontally(well you can, but its so laughably hard) and its not mobile enough to flank.

              not to mention WG gave IS-6 that fkin T-22sr side armor below the spaced armor. so penning its side is nearly as hard as the front. (plus IS-6 is more mobile, more dpm?! come on.)

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              1. yup, they should improve maps too, but at least they are giving heavys the mobility of heavys looks like, there is alot of things to fix in the game, and to do that to all the tiers, sandbox solid changes will come only in 5 years maybe =P


              2. Recently I realized that camping TD’s are actually a big problem for flanking. They have really good camping spots 100-200m from base with hard cover, soft cover or hulldown and they can shut down large areas. Some examples – El Halluf, Swamp, Serene Coast, Highway, Overlord. All kinda open-ish maps, but camping spots for TD’s shut down large areas of the map and only 1 or 2 spots are actually viable for fighting. Ofcourse maxed out viewrange on almost any tank (I kinda support lowering viewrange to a certain degree like they’re trying in sandbox, but not as drastically as 300 viewrange for a medium tank) doesn’t help matters, because you can’t even cross open areas without taking a lot of DMG.

                Now, I don’t blame TD’s that much. Only a few players are able to play TD’s agressively good enough to be competitive, and thanks to removal of bushes most TD’s can’t play at 200-300m because they get spotted. So they have to play at 350m+, and those positions are usually only at base. So again, fault is removal of bushes.


      1. I’d guess they stuck a 120mm autoloader on it for testing purposes, but forgot to buff the reload to match. Definitely not final. :P


  2. my precious 183mm carrying tanks. my precious centurion AX.. my beautiful conqueror GC… WG what have you done!


  3. So now arty has the sole role to tickle and give attention to people who feel neglected?
    Or will they make full damage without having to pen? Otherwise why the fuck would someone play arty anymore?


    1. They got nerfed. Again. No reason to play arty, other than masochism or being a diehard fan.

      They got some reload speed, aim time and accuracy buffs, but they had their damage nerfed painfully hard and are incapable of penning about anything. They also took a serious DPM hit (T92 lost 50%)

      Arty HE uses the normal HE calculation mechanics, so let’s take an example. T92 scores a direct hit to non-spaced Maus side armour. Non-pen halves the damage and the thickness of the armour is reduced from the remainder. This means that a direct hit from T92 in said conditions does 1250/2-180=445 DMG. Hit to turret front reduces the damage taken to under 400.

      However, there won’t be many direct hits with 0,8 accuracy, so in reality, the arty does some 200-300 DMG to heavily armoured targets per shot. At least T92 has it’s premium shell blast radius so it can hit multiple targets at once in choke points.

      GL trying to be the top DMG dealer or EXP gainer with these stats though. Arty missions will gain a whole new dimension of grinding with these changes.


      1. Sounds perfectly fine to me. Why should a vehicle that can shoot indirectly at his enemies do more damage than a frontline tank? And why should it have good dpm? Those are the reasons why it is so cancerous right now. Arty shouldn’t be top damage dealer, those missions should be changed. Arty is a supportvehicle.

        This whole rebalance-thingy isn’t necessary, just nerf the alpha and pen on arty, nerf OP tanks (Russian meds, T110E5, T29, etc.) and buff the bad and powercreeped ones (like all the Panthers, for instance), improve the MM and make the maps playable for light tanks. A lot of the balance hides in the mapdesign. Maybe a viewrange buff for LT’s and a small nerf to the viewrange of everything else.

        Oh yeah, make it impossible to oneshot tanks, even the bottom tiers in a match. And nerf gold ammo.


  4. they nerfed the reverse speed of maus and when i saw that the alpha is now 450 instead of 490 while the reload is a tiny bit better but they i noticed that seems to be with no equipment so if thats right the maus could have a sub 10.5s reload which is way better than the 12.5s that it had before

    also this seems to reduce the massive dpm advantage the soviet meds have on the live server


  5. I’m pretty glad now :D

    It seems like they gave the T110E3 its historical 120mm gun.

    And they ditched the random penetration and damage of the 105mn L7

    I wonder if they gave the STB-1 its 105mm L7 and not a “105mm rifled gun”


    1. on tier 10 tds id say the foch 155 dpm is a mistake its says its a 3 shot autoloader with a 48s reload that does 390 damage


  6. so some observations

    1. T-62a aims faster than M48
    it has more hp than M48

    …..considering M48 is big and has a tumor, it sorta needs hp. T-62a? no.

    so its progress…but seriously they need to stop the russian X med meta. its getting old. really old.

    its still a joke on forums how if u want to do cw your an idiot for asking what med to grind, cause obj 140 and t-62a are obvious and anyone wondering otherwise…….

    whats the appeal of m48 over 62 and 140? only thing it has is view range and depression. and russian x meds got all else. thats not really balance


    1. totally agree anyone who doesnt see the total dominance of russian tier 10 meds is either lying or hasnt been playing very long they rule the battlefield and with their ability to do the soviet side hug on heavies their hull armour is rarely a target. even their hulls are in the top 3 tier 10 meds ive seen some people rate their hulls as stronger than the e50ms and im inclined to agree with them. im pretty sure the 140s front armour can easily get 250 effective and the t62a can sidescrape annoyingly well.


      1. “ive seen some people rate their hulls as stronger than the e50ms and im inclined to agree with them”
        You forgot to add Kappa.
        E50M has better LFP than 62A’s UFP and is roughly on par with 140’s UFP. Patton has better hull – some autobounce angles and some thicker parts or better angles that will bounce low pen rolls from T10 guns. 121 has better UFP, worse LFP though.

        Only good thing about T10 russian meds armor is their hull traverse speed – they can wiggle and make you take your time with the shot or hit at an angle. You can do this with almost every T10 medium, although I admit ruskie meds are probably best at this wiggling.


      1. minor better dpm

        but far worse gun handling modifiers
        worse mobility
        we already know its a GIANT ASS TARGET with no armor to speak of. plus a tumor

        and it has infior aim time


        1. That’s the tradeoff. Yeah, it has the tumour, but it’s not that big an issue for a medium tank. It would be a bigger issue for a heavy tank.


          1. it kinda is an issue for m48
            as m48 can’t go hull down.
            and when it peeks a ridge, its takign fire into the tumor long before the gun crests the ridge.


      1. I honestly can’t give two shits about historical realism in this case. Did I deepthroat trough the T28 and T95 for a T10 TD with 390 alpha? Joke of the week.


          1. Yea, and you can use this pseudo-argument to basically every critisism toward the game. Come up with something better.


              1. You can shove DPM up you know where if the enemy isn’t retarded enough to stay on the open and soak up your shots without getting into cover after the two 1-2 shots. A big punch boomstick is much more effective when you drive a TD. And are we supposed to be happy because it has better mobility than the T95? For real?


          1. I wasn’t blaming you, I was just raging around, mostly at WG. This would be a spectacularly asshole move from them.


              1. Well that mostly makes sense, since the current T28 is just a WG-fantasy T95 mutation. But what will take the T9 T95’s place?


  7. I just legitimately fapped to dem arta nerfs. FeelsGoodMan
    Just how they fap on me on the liveservers right now. FeelsBadMan


    1. I haven’t been accepted :(

      Annoying really, been playing this game for almost 4 years now, and was one of like 30 people on NA to be accepted for the interview earlier this year.

      Oh well…

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  8. Lol ppl, you still don’t get that this is an experimental server that has the data changed for every few days?

    You’re going to get wrinkles very fast if you are raging over a testbed.


  9. Holy crap, so many comments, jeez!

    Anyways… The tehcnical part of these was really dense, I’m too tired right now to comprehend it.
    From what I could read out from the comments, it seems like the next, proper step towards the rebalance, in a good way.
    Let’s see where it goes.

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  10. is it possible to download the client without getting an invite, cause i would like to download it just to mess around in Tank Inspector.


              1. you have my word, i’m not gonna share it.
                I know you really dont have any reason to trust me, but i’m not a liar, i can keep promises.

       if you need mail, it’s my spamm mail (hence the unserious name),I don’t really want to post my real mail for everyone to see on a blog


  11. Some of these changes look rather silly. For example the E-100. Currently it has undoubtedly OP gold round that largely negates one of its major disadvantages. I see why WG wants to nerf that, and I agree with them.

    However. I’m led to understand that premium rounds should offer some advantage over normal ones. This makes the following fact even more puzzling, though I must thank WG for thinking about their players silver reserves.

    259 HEAT pen is worse than 250 AP pen in practically every battlefield situation. No reason to load any gold, because there are no situations that +9mm of HEAT pen will solve that the AP shell couldn’t.

    WG pls. Go home, you’re drunk.

    In other news, arties just became even more of a burden for their team than they already were. GJ, WP. Just remove them at this point and almost everybody will be happy.


  12. So now the E5 has the same DPM but worse gun handling then the 260 which has way way better armor…..Man these WG retards are so pro RU its insane. IS7 now has massivley better armor and similiar DPM to E5 and gun handling…LOL

    The 140 and 62a actually get a uff in alpha seeing as they had 320 and now have 300 and the Nato tanks had 390 and now have 340….Insane.

    The stealth buffed the Ru meds again.


  13. Well, if Jpe100 will have less pen then E4(on gold, E4 375APCR), with bigger gun, 17 cm, and 850 alpha, plus way worse armor then 263, E3, and less pen on HEAT then 268…what is point of this tank ? Slow, big crap, that 290 pen, auto pen cheeks, GTFO. If they gonna give tanks those changes, I wonna refund, cuz tanks is nothing what i grind for, same goes for E3.

    Btw, WG said, armor will be more effective, in rebalance 2.0? How, when they buff AP pen of AMX 50b, 270 is joke >? Maus turret is butter for this, 113 get in HD 290 armor on front, Mause has 240 falt. This wont help Maus, if AP will go so easy. Yes Type 5 have 245, so u can bounce, 270….now way….Maus will be still crap.

    IS 7 had 4 mm more AP pen, now is live server, in sandbox 10 more. 113 had 3 mm more pen, now 10…E5 get pen nerf….

    All what Foch 155 needed is no auto-loader 150 mm gun, with good stats. Mobile sniper….but nooooooooo


  14. In order to make LTs more effective they nerf mobility of all tanks. Why I dont really know, I thought LTs should spot and not be damage dealers. They should rebalance LTs and not just nerf mobility of all tanks to make LTs damage them easiler. Even now high tier LTs are annoying for some HTs, imagine later the disaster this will cause. Like it isnt easy enough to statspad with LTs alreaddy thanks to gold ammo and good guns.


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