Sandbox – Lorraine 40t replacement

Seb’s asleep so Shadyrush here with some news on the sandbox server.
In the old build of the sandbox the Lorraine 40t was removed from the French tech tree, in the new build its place in the tech tree got filled with a supertest ex-premium: The Bat.-Châtillon 25t AP.
batchat 25t ap
It is researchable from the 13 90 for 198K XP and it costs 3,450,000 credits.
It is has been transformed into a proper researchable vehicle and it has a healthy amount of modules.The top radio carries over from the 13 90 but you’ll have to research the tracks and engine yourself.

These are the mobility stats with both the stock tracks and stock engine. An interesting point to note: You can equip any gun, the top engine and equipment with the stock tracks.
The B-C 25t AP also has a selection of 3 guns: The 90mm F3, the Canon de 90mm Vo 930 m/s and the 100mm SA47.

90mm f3.png
B-C 25t AP with the 90mm F3

930 ms.png
B-C 25t AP with the 90mm Vo 930 m/s

In elite configuration the stats will look like this:
Elite B-C 25t AP with the 100mm SA47

So, the Lorraine 40t, first introduced on the 5th of January 2012 as a tier 8 medium will be retired from service in the French tech tree. While a Batchat prototype will be more in line with the French light-medium autoloaders it’s a shame to see such an old tank go.
May this tank prove a proper replacement.