Q&A – 2nd June 2016

Thanks Vlad 🙂
– can you name the bugs which you already identified in 9.15 which are fixed or in the process of fixing? – no;
– why don’t you remove the possibility to climb up almost vertical objects? – this is a side effect of the mechanism which hinders being stuck at obstacles;
– isn’t it easier to prohibit your mechanism from driving over non-game objects? – then you’d be getting stuck on stones in the field;
– I have a question about the priority of a bug: I have collected statistical data about when an artillery shell lands outside of the circle, however it appears that it’s just visual since the impact is seen outside the circle, but the distance mod shows that the shell landed inside; how important is this bug? – all efforts are now on fixing “hot” problems of 9.15, your bug is low priority;
– is an “in-between-patch” hotfix to be expected? – yes, as usual after a patch;
– will it come this week, or do I have to wait (hangs on entering the hangar, impossible to play)? – that’s because of mods;
– were there reports on slow loading times of vehicle models? – yes, but without proof;
– are there plans to rebalance the Soviet 122mm “destructor” for medium tanks? it’s on the T-44, T-34-2, but the characteristics are sub-par, are there plans to improve this gun on T-44-122, T-44, T-34-2? it was buffed on T-34-3; – nothing will be done now, but it will be looked at during the global rebalance;
– what about “Confrontation”? it’s the only mode which kinda worked well, please bring it back; – it’s got to be tuned, but overall it’s possible;