PRoC Army Rap

Source: People’s Daily

The People’s Liberation Army has released a rap-style music video filled with masculine lyrics and advanced weaponry in an attempt to attract more young people to join the military. The song is called Battle Declaration. It is the first hip-hop video made by the PLA.
The video shows soldiers training and exercising, fighter jets conducting dogfights and missiles being fired, among other military activities.
Almost all of the PLA’s best weaponry is displayed in the video, including the aircraft carrier Liaoning, J-11 fighter jet, Type-99A tank and DF-11 ballistic missile.
Satellites and spacecraft also appear in the video, which indicates the PLA has placed unprecedented importance on its space force, said a PLA publicity expert who asked to be identified only as Jiao.
Moreover, the appearance of the military’s space assets also intends to impress upon viewers that “the PLA is no longer the poorly equipped one that they saw from TV dramas, but a powerful force as modernized as the United States military,”.
The PLA is striving to recruit more educated young people. An increasing number of media reports say some young people spare no efforts to avoid military service.
Colonel Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry, said at a news conference that a man’s youth is not only about being cool, but also about being responsible for the nation and its security.