Q&A – 27.05.2016

– the new characteristics on the right are irritating – they take up too much space and the colours of the icons are distracting; – you can turn off the new display in the settings;
– the mission panel is not disappearing automatically, what about it? – nothing, will be checked;
 – what’s the green bar in the corner? – ping in hangar;
– can i return to the old carousel in hangar? – carousel didn’t change, the filters did;
– what is the blue plus sign below the nickname? – personal reserves;
– what about the new spotting system, is it delayed? or ASAP? – there won’t be a new one, but improvements to the old one;
 – there’s a dead ELC in the city being displayed as alive on the minimap; – thank you, we’ll look into it;
– turbo-victories, turbo-defeats! are the developers looking into fixing or at least analyzing this? – i have statistics of mean time of battle, mean time of palyer’s staying alive and the team setup after the battle for the last 4 years, the theory of “more turbo-defeats” is debunked, the statistics do not confirm this in any way;
[ommited long discussion about “turbo-defeats”, players whine, we have statistics etc.]
– missions to kill vehicles of two tiers higher, penalties for different tiers – this is genius! /s; – you didn’t hear about +-2 tier balance?
– there is still a bug with highlighting the silhouette of a tank [screenshots provided with no highlighting through foliage] – yes, bug is confirmed, we’ll look into it;
– i’m sad that there are no session stats – total victories/defeats per day, earned credits/XP; – despite the seeming usefulness, this is one of the biggest demotivators in case of losing streaks;
– thanks for arty in particular – the shell almost never flies into the middle, always to the border; – this is standard whining;
– DMax : -15° depression in the wiki, -14° in the client – bug? – different rounding of a fraction;
– desert maps (“Sand River”, “Airfield”) the client hangs at the last few % of the loading bar, i have only XVM and scope mod; – 99% of map loading problems are because of mods, try launching without any;