Swedish crew revealed

Victor Kislyi became the prototype for the Swedish crew? At least there is a very similar face.

Swedish crew, 18 men + 3 ladies and a list of titles and epaulettes.

* All of them were inspired from real people.


27 thoughts on “Swedish crew revealed

      1. It looks like they decided on Coffee and \”Kanelbullar\” (yummy cinnamon muffin like pastry)

  1. oh god. plz don\’t make my mutz leave german tech tree


    pz4s is no armored and criminally slow. plus low dpm
    panther/m10 is low pen(it sees IS-3 and IS-6s so freaking much. it cant pen them!)
    panther 8.8 is no armor, bad gun depression

    T-25 is gone
    hydro is………well its on ebay for $30. its nice….

    but still. mutz must stay german!!!! *sits in mutz while holding a makeshift spear and poking it at anyone who comes near*

      1. I think it\’s she actually, and she bitches under every article. Whatever the change developers are doing is [mods (OMG I can\’t make my shitty anime skins that nobody gives fuck about anymore BabyRage), balance changes (aka crying russian bias under every article), gameplay changes etc]. Just ignore it.

        1. I wouldn\’t call her comments \’bitching\’…
          Ehm, but anyway, Mutz is Swiss, these are Swedes. 😐

          1. I still hope WG will never transfer existing premiums into new tech trees.. (Rudy=> PL, etc)

            1. They said it will happen. When there are people respoding with \”plz don\’t\”, they do it. Just to fuck with them. So… sorry \’bout it, mate.
              But hey, at least you will have free Polish crews! 😛
              I can already hear them yell \”KURWA!\” when I oneshot the Rudy with my G.W. Panther, hehehehehehe!

                1. I agree, or make then able to use both countries crews, Fcm Pak 36 and lefifi should be german

                  1. That would be a great idea. I\’ve heard the reason why the FCM Pak 36 is on the French tech tree is that it was captured by the Free French Forces.

              1. Because you think your arty will be able to one-shot anything after the rebalance? :p
                But wouldn\’t it interfere with the rule \”not touching premiums\”?
                (because it does not correspond anymore to the description of what the customer paid for: a russki med)

                1. Who knows what will happen! Anything is possible!
                  Also, the \”not touching premiums\” has a few loopholes. The thing with changing nationality must be one of these, so, fuck everyone and everything that opposes WG! XD
                  Oh and by the way…. earlier this week they began to sell the Rudy again, putting a lot of emphasis on how it is Polish. Sooo…. yyyyeah…

  2. The middle one looks exactly like the finnish president Sauli Niinistö.

  3. Seems like they are going for the historic ranks of the era. This means that the ranks pictured should be (from left to right):


  4. I wonder how long it\’ll be before swedes complain about the crew being white only

  5. What the actual ****? Like one maybe two of these guys looks swedish. And only one of the ladies as well.

  6. * All of them were inspired from real people.

    Inspired by slavs?
    Just a handful of the crew pictures looks Swedish, the rest just look like they where meant for the Russian rooster.

    Nice work WG, nice work as always…

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