WoT Blitz: New guns for IS-6 and KV-5

On Supertest of WoTB, IS-6 and KV-5 with alternative guns are being tested. The stats are preliminary and subject to change.



11 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: New guns for IS-6 and KV-5

  1. So the my love gets a new gun. But suffers a lot in DPM – no thanks 😀

    1. Wait, you use your gun on a KV-5?

      I thought you just climbed to the tallest part of the map, then rocketed down the slope to play bowling with enemy tank ô.o

      1. Theres not alot of good places to ram in Blitz. There is only about 3 maps with alot of ramming spots and about 30 total across 15 maps.

  2. I had an idea like this years ago… premium tanks with different (buyable?) modules… Oh, what a time to be alive in!

  3. When this should happen to the PC-Version, i would try the new KV-5 Gun but i think i will miss the DPM and switch back. In 75% of all Games 167mm pen is enough, when u know where to aim.

    1. If it does happen on PC, it will also get the standard MM so have fun getting raped by tier Xs.
      Also I am going to blame you for getting raped in the IS-6.

    2. the only tanks i ever need to fire prem at in my kv5 are is3s and t54s. is3 because im sick of its bull shit completely rng armour where ifyou were to roll a dice with 20 numbers on it youd need to land on a 20 to pen it… its easier to kill t10s than it is to kill those things and t54 because their too quick and well armoured for a kv5

  4. if this was to come to the pc version honestly id say id probably keep the high dpm gun on my kv5 because thats a serious hit to that tanks dpm sure its a massive pen buff but the dpm is the kv5s main thing if you take that away then theres only a battering ram which is fun but not always usable

    1. Keep DPM gun and pref MM for randoms, roll with the high pen one (and still troll armor) in strongholds wher you\’ll ALWAYS be Top Tier anyway. :3
      IS-6 with 215mm pen sounds appealing vs other Tier 8s.

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