Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis

I know, I am late to the BF1 hype train. However, I did not want to post the trailer without any context or bonus stuff. Since TAP isn’t limited to WW2 (everyone knows when the first tanks were built), I will leave you this very good video. WW1 was after all the war that gave birth to many Eastern European nations (including giving mine proper borders) but I find the 1918-1922 period just as interesting (Russian Civil War, peace treaties, border changes, and Chinese/Mexican civil wars).

Note: The mask of the armored soldier is called the “Sappenpanzer Gesichtsmaske” which was a rare piece of armor issued to snipers and machine gunners. Due to the weight of the mask, it was only issued to soldiers in fixed positions. Even in the trailer you don’t see the armored soldier moving around. He’s stationary, shooting what seems to be a Maxim machine gun.

Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis I THE GREAT WAR SpecialBattlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis I THE GREAT WAR Special


12 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis

  1. Its EA. Let them Digg in someone else\’s wallet. Thankfully I didn\’t lemming my way into battlefront and saved myself some dollars.

  2. I was a BF hardcore fan, started with BF2. Climbed my way up in all the mods and games since, and ended up playing BF 2142. And here is where the \”grind\” stoped: no BF 2143, no more Battlefield fan…

    EA shutted down the BF 2142 server support and Im not gonna be arsed to install the necessary mod to running again.

    …still crying to this date.

  3. \”BF 1 is going to be historical and stuff !\”

    >sees a PoV of a soldier run and gunning with a light machine gun in the trailer
    >sees a soldier in an armored mask hip firing a heavy machine gun

    Oh dear great-grandfather, you are turning in your grave so fast, it\’s generating electricity for half the country.

  4. Bf1! Knock it out of the park! We know th8s is just campaign but my old man is old school as fuck…thinks we should abe militarized…u know the type. They don\’t have to do much just content transfer

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