WoWS: Ships soon to be able to purchase in-game

Ships to be added the NA Tech Tree (Available for Doubloons):

  • US
    • Texas
  • IJN
    • Tachibana
  • VMF
    • Diana
    • Molotov
    • Mikhail Kutuzov
  • SMS
    • Emden
    • Tirpitz
  • RN
    • Campbeltown
    • Warspite
  • ORP
    • Blyskawica

And here is the EU list

  • Japan:
    • Tachibana (Destroyer; II)
    • Mikasa (Battleship; II)
  • USA:
    • USS Marblehead (Cruiser; V)
    • USS Saipan (Carrier; VII)
  • USSR:
    • Diana (Cruiser; II)
  • Germany:
    • Emden (Cruiser; II)
  • UK:
    • HMS Campbeltown (Destroyer; III)
    • HMS Warspite (Battleship; VI)

Tirpitz and Blyskawica will come at a later date.  On the plus side for EU we have the Mikasa


  • Japan
    • Ishizuchi – Tier IV BB
    • Atago – Tier VIII CA
  • United States
    • Texas – Tier V BB
    • Atlanta – Tier VII CA
  • Soviet Union
    • Aurora – Tier III CA
    • Murmansk – Tier V CA
    • Mikhail Kutuzov – Tier VIII CA
  • Germany
    • Tirpitz – Tier VIII BB
  • Great Britain
    • Campbeltown – Tier III DD
    • Warspite – Tier VI BB
  • Poland
    • Blyskawica – Tier VII DD


33 thoughts on “WoWS: Ships soon to be able to purchase in-game

  1. No molotov and MK for EU?
    Why not everything the same for all the servers? :/
    (I have a ton of doubloons rotting and already own the ships from the list I liked)

  2. Thanks for telling us this! Will be saving my doubloons for some of these! 😀

  3. No Smith? Yay for Diana! All the CA are CL( not to bitch) except atago.

      1. oh and im gonna get a diana too 🙂 it is weird though that eu doesnt get the mikhail kutuzov or molotov

      2. Katori? Mikasa Is great if you have a high skill captain with the extended range secondaries skill

        1. i have the tier 4 secondary skill on my fuso and im working towards the 5th and i cant wait to have a mikasa it looks like such a cool ship

      3. Katori and Smith are planned for special events and promotions like with Italeri only, I do not think they will be ever available with doubloons/gold
        they might appear though in the prem shop
        e.g. you can get the Smith with Diamonds at the moment or buying the Essex from Italeri

          1. Wow. Look at the news on the game launcher. How are people so oblivous to the news on that?

  4. So mighty rare Tirpitz is going to be a normal premium? Interesting.

    1. Well for Asia and NA. Im on NA but every time I check the EU gift shop the Tirpitz is for sale every time.

  5. no Texas nor Tirpitz for the EU… Kutuzov or Molotov? nope!
    only one over tier3 are Marblehead, Warspite and Saipan

  6. If only WoT did this as well (I started playing long after the B2 had been removed from gold purchase). Now I just need unified gold so I can buy Warspite.

    1. you could buy the Mikasa just recently a few times, its more of a collector vessel, only appears once in a while

      1. Last time, it was in a rather sizable bundle.
        Not wanting to pay some 20 or 25€ for a tier2 ship and crap I didn\’t want/need, I put it off.

          1. Yea, I got one for basically filling an orb with snow and drawing a ship.

          2. The NA server gets a lot of good stuff, simply because it\’s an odd as fuck market, and a lot of games have trouble keeping customers.

            See: low NA server population on WT, AW, much lower on WoT than other servers, and extremely probably WoWS too.

  7. I would like a Kitakami, even though she is an all or nothing ship highly unbalanced, I hope they get her fixed somehow and sell her 🙂
    And we really need more German and British Premiums as Trainers

    1. I don\’t think they\’re ever putting that one back in the game.
      It\’s more of a meme-ship than anything.

      That said, I remember the last division of 2 Kitas I went up against. The torpedo soup was real.
      Well, for exactly 30 seconds. Then they were both sent to the deep, doing 0 damage.

  8. Fervently hoping for a nice soul to gift me a Tirpitz on NA. That ain\’t going to happen.
    But I\’d sell souls for her and Tone…. Unfortunately, I only have one.

  9. \”On the plus side for EU we have the Mikasa\”

    Booooooo! Booooooo! I enjoy being a special snowflake in an underpowered and overtiered battleship! Stop giving this privilege to other people!

  10. Nobody raises eyebrows regarding Saipan on EU? There were so much furror when it was announced and that every noob could buy one…

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