48 thoughts on “New Cheat for WoT: Mortar Mode

  1. \”cheat\”; actually i believe this should have been an actual option on the game since day1…. why do some artys have near 90º elevation, if the game limits the arty shot to 45º?

      1. Each game in the toaster i try to shoot myself like that.
        But no success so far;)

    1. \”actually i believe this should have been an actual option on the game since day1\”

    2. Did you not notice that there was no aiming circle and the T92 didn\’t even rotate around to bring the gun to face the direction of the 215b when he fired? This is a straight up cheat that somehow disregards the position of the vehicle.

  2. LOL TBH, something like that should\’ve been in the game to begin with. Have you seen the possible elevation angles on some of the british arties, in particular the FV3805 and FV207? By forced default, they have flatter arcs than french arties, but they can get their guns up to ridiculous levels: http://i.imgur.com/i68I10V.jpg

    Also, I wonder if this mod works in conjunction with non-arty tanks, because FlaK-Panzer Löwe says hello: http://i.imgur.com/uMNuDRX.jpg

    P.S.: No, I don\’t endorse the use of the mod, quite the contrary. I just find it hilarious.

    1. Yes that is not retarded at all. Arty who can 1 shot a tank who is engaged with 3 others in front of him, while hes hiding behind a building is not unfair at all.

      OMG you arty guys brains are mush. You want realism? Fine, it should be so inaccurate vs a single moving tank it should hit 1 in 300 times.

      These guys who argue realism to make mechanics OP are not thinking. Game balance has to come before all else.

    1. It never was. In actuaity, you could do this before, if you had enough experience. But you had to eyeball a lot and there\’s little point to that most of the time, due to lack of aiming information and absurd shell travel-time.

      1. Exactly.
        The shell travel time for that distance in a T92, flat and level, is around 3-3.5 seconds.
        While on an incline like that, the shell travel time doubles.
        So funnily enough, this mod does exactly what WG says arty is supposed to do, discourage camping.

        It is next to impossible to hit a moving target using this mod. (in other words, hit an active player) But if some player is camping like a tree in 1 spot, the probability of the shell hitting is much higher.

        1. Bingo. Hence why I said in a different post: This should\’ve been in the game to begin with. It\’s a trade-off and the mod itself doesn\’t really strike me as ban-worthy. It does give an unfair advantage though and thus should not be allowed, unless everyone gets it.

      2. So you couldnt really do it.
        Not practically.

        \”In actuaity, you could do this before\”

        Then you list 5 reasons why you couldnt, or it wasnt worth it….Sorry you couldnt do this before at all, or it was a parlor trick, not a ridiculous OP mechanic

  3. Honestly.
    I do not think this a cheat.
    Notice how the T92 has driven up the incline.
    The shots are physically possible, even without using this mod.
    Is it something that will cause massive butthurt? FUCK YEAH. But there is nothing here that is altering/bending what is possible in a vanilla client.

    1. This would not have been possible to do i na time frame that was worth it. It would have taken 4-5 shots to sight in properly and then yo uare stuck there all game. Meanwhile the enemy wiped out your team.

      Also, it is reversing the natural gun locks. It is basically flipping the physics

  4. Basically something you could do if you had the skill and the time, this mod just helps you deal with the getting enough elevation and a year long time of shell travelling part.

    1. No, driving up the incline is what gives you the elevation.
      The mod does not give you the elevation. If the T92 would be flat and level, and pulled off these shots, than 100% cheat. Because it would alter the client.

      1. It actually *forces* elevation, where the automatic aiming would not allow it. The T92 certainly has the capability to do that on a technical level, but the automated aiming calculations are not allowing that. This is also how you increase the range of artilleries with low range but high arc. Get on a slope, force your gun up and et voila. You trade arc for range. Hard to do without the help of a mod though, because, again, the automated aim-calculations technically do not allow you to do that.

  5. Not sure how i feel. it just gives you info you could legally get, on shots you could legally take. so not a cheat. but OP, so bad for game

    1. Dude,
      I actually want arty players to use this 100% of the time.
      I am an aggressive player by nature, I very rarely camp, even in TD\’s.
      So while arty players use this mod, I am 100% arty safe.

      1. Um… No. You are not. Shell-travel time already gives the players a quite high amount of leeway to avoid shells being fired on moving targets and they still cry havoc, because an artillery-player actually used skill…

      2. This wont just kill campers…..This will kill anyone sidescraping on maps like Himmels from accross the map…..This is just more cancer, your diluded if you think its good for game. Every newb with no skill in the game will try ti play arty now.

  6. I\’ve been manually driving my aartillery piece up inclines like that for extra range and better arcs for years. It isn\’t cheating, it\’s a part of the game. To be honest, I struggle to see what this \”mod\” actually does, except for that stupid and rather pointless \”mortar ready\” timer thing.

  7. In my personal opinion this mod is shit. Simply just shit.
    Not only I can do the same bloody thing with Battle Assistant and just a simple uphill stance, but it\’s also a mod you have to pay for. In the begnning it said that subscription until 13th of June.
    So both shitty, useless and costs money. I don\’t know who would be retard enough to pay for this crap.

    Heh, especially after starting the British line myself, the Bishop and the CUNT FV304 has arcs so high, my weedhead friend is jealous of it! XD

    TL;DR: This mod = shit.

  8. I feel that a lot of players do not understand what this mod can do and why brit artys have a high arc.

    First why brits have high arc? No they do not have, they have the same potential arc as every arty, which is 45 degrees in best case scenario.
    What am I talking about is if you throw something upwards in an angle, then for the object to fly maximum distance you throw it at 45 degrees (but if you did middle school physics you already know this). If you decrease angle the object will hit the ground faster, the arc will be lower and the object will land not as far (closer to from where it was thrown). In the other case if you increase angle, a funny thing it does not fly further, but it flies more upwards (higher arc) and so also the flight time till it hits the ground is bigger.
    So why brits hit targets behind objects more easily? Because flight distance depends on velocity, angle and acceleration of gravity. So with the same gravity at 45 degrees the object will fly further if the velocity gets increased.
    Well lets take FV304 it has shell speed of 270 with g of 146 (yes each arty has different gravity acceleration) so at 45 degrees the range will me 499m, that is why you are often close with this arty, or else you could not shoot. And with arc of thrown ocject the thing is it lands at the same angle it got thrown with, so 45 degrees. Now Object 261 has v=510 and g=177 that gives that it will shoot at 45 degree angle at the range of 1469m, WHICH MEANS it has no way to achieve 45 degree elevation in 1km*1km maps (on the bright side shell travel speed is relatively low).
    What I meant to say is, the further you are from your target the higher the art, until you reach the 45 degree max range.
    And the g is different for each arty to balance the arcs and shell flight times

    So what this mod does? Well WoT has an inbuilt limitation that in arty view your gun aims from 0 to 45 degrees, this mod changes it so that it (potentially) aims fro 90 to 45 degree angle. Some in comments say they do it all day, but I would like to see the do it, as the you would need to elevate the gun over 45 degrees in 3rd person mode then fix the gun position with right click and keep it pressed while you enter arty view, keep the button pressed and try to aim with mowing the arty and not the gun. It was built so on purpose, so that arty could not hit almost everywhere because as I said the object falls at the angle it was thrown and if the angle was 73 degrees then the projectile will fall at this angle (while otherwise the angle could be max 45 degrees), so increased arc.
    So yes this IS a cheat, it is an unintended game mechanic, and no battle assistant does not do this..

    And what is this with the idiots calling it camping if you do not suicide rush the enemy straight on? Positional play is not camping, should T32 not use its turret from a good position? the turret for which it pays with not the best gun? Should E100 just reveal lower plate and rush to the next cover, if he knows he will lose half HP or more in the process (Ok the e100 situation is tricky sometimes it may be worth it, but if a t30 and an T110E5 is just waiting for you to do it, if you have cover good, but sometimes it is bad decision). So if you think positional play should not exist and we should all just \”Actively\” yolo rush why not just play on a map that is a green big field with some bushes?

    I am not sure, but I may have forgotten something I wanted to say, was a long write.

  9. Are you all AI? This mod would make every position on the map vulnerable. I don\’t care if the shell travel time is higher and arty will hit less shots, with this mod it can hit unbelievable positions.

    BTW very well written Daedal, every position has some kind of counter and arty doesn\’t go for hulldown tanks, it primarily XVM snipes, then shoots tanks that are paper, then proceeds to shoot other targets. Shitty game mechanic, one of the biggest problems in this game.

  10. Great not only they (scumbags) will have the satellite view (unreal) to chose the victim but also will have the possibility to hit anywhere on the map? I have seen the hordes of arty lovers rushing to support this bull*** in all forums and blogs and is so despicable! Artillery as it is on the game brakes the game balance and force ppl to seek any possible cover not the opossite way! Hence the best battles are those in which arty is not in.

  11. People have been doing this since 8.0. Why is this suddenly a sour subject now? But then again him doing that creates blind zones closer vs further away. As anyone that have been standing even at a slight angle to fire knows.

    1. That and the shell travel time is way way longer when he does that \”8 seconds almost\”. So if he hits them when the target is moving. Well… Some on the EU forum said arty should be like that. Having that angle and that long shell time vs now. As this is only effective vs \”campers\” and not vs moving targets.

      1. Well I guess writing a wall of text is not good BECAUSE NO ONE READS IT…. (sorry Marty, almost no one)

        As I did write, yes the closer you are to the maximum range of your arty the higher the arc up to the 45 degrees. But this mod does something more, something devs have purposefully blocked, made impossible. Seriously, I would like to hear how you do what this mod does since 8.0 as I did write the only way I know how to (which you can read two comments up) and the method is useless.

        And your understanding of {Not yoloing = camping} is just fucking brilliant, again you can read a short opinion from me up.

        1. Oh, and plus here is a video from one other blog showing how filthy campers in the Lakeville city get raped, how dare they not to drive out in front of some 3 enemy guns!!
          (I am not saying you should sit there all the time, but you move out when you have the chance, first you shoot from cover and wait while you can advance because enemy is shot up or allies have secured positions to distract enemy or provide covering fire)(of course sometimes you may have to go in even so, if you feel that base is in danger, because you have to deal with the guys in city or else they will shoot you in the back on your way back to base)


        2. They probably think if they rock their arta on a rock/slope, they get higher arc. Which is BS obviously, the arc of the gun does not change, just the angle of the arty.

        3. When there are a wall of long comments and one really long one. I skip read most of it to get a summary as I don\’t have all day to waste before I \”comment\”, and yours was… well… long. And seems someone took a pee in your coffee this morning?. But the high arch of the brits is countered by shorter range As most of them are 500 as you did mention, or even 900 higher up and thus on most maps they can\’t fire form cap to cap to \”counter\” unless they move closer. As it also did for the chap in the video for a brief second. Thus they can\’t hit all of the map like most whiners think.

          1. Not sure about the pee in coffee, I did not try to be aggressive or anything. It is just well yeah, you read comments and see bullshit, then you try to explain something to people and no one reads it anyway… {feels kinda bad, don\’t you think so?}

            Well yes I am sorry that it was so long, but I tried to explain it so that it is understandable and could not be misunderstood.

            Actually funny thing is that just a few of the brit artys actually have that low range so starting with FV304 to CGC they are 499m, 1326m, 1405m, 1354m, 1007m for comparison the T9 french arty has max range of 1412.

            The funny thing about this mod is that if you use it and you can use slopes to gain artificial elevation, then artys with higher range can abuse this mod way better, so like obj261, because with low range artys you would need to get closer to gain the same angle (yeah opposite to current).

            Btw many say accuracy will suffer due to this mod. I am not sure, but I think currently arty accuracy changes depending on ditance to target, not the distance shell has to fly, so the accuracy would not change.

            Even worse, due to the fact that the shell would fall more from top we would get A LOT more arty penetration hits. Obj261 has 102 mm penetration (T92 does not have much more 120mm), plus it is accurate and Maus has 50-60mm rooftop armor or E100 (and JagE100) 40-65mm. And even now with max elevation of 45 degrees I have seen JagE100s getting pened on engine deck, so…. get rekt!

  12. Being in wglna i have the option to just talk to wargaming employees whenever i want. I stay on their teamspeak most of the day for the lolz. When i brought this mod up yesterday they said send all replays of arty climbing up rocks like this to them. The way the game currently works is limits an artys elevation relative to the ground… this is a client side operation so this mod changes it to where the artys elevations is limited relative to the tank.

  13. Frankly, this one should just be implemented in game and we can be done with it. Higher trajectory arc may negate the cover, but it comes at the price of significantly longer shell travel time and lowered accuracy. If WG implements the angled arty view form that one mod, they may use that one for low trajectory shooting and the current view for high trajectory. The only problem currently is that you need a mod to pul this off reliably.

    Which reminds me. Lately I\’ve seen a number of mods being considered as not illegal, on the reasoning that \”it can be done in vanilla, this mod just makes it easier\” namely I\’m talking about the snapping autoaim that got noticed few weeks back. Yes, it doesn\’t do anything that you wouln\’t be able to do by simply clicking the tank, but auto-snapping on enemy makes that crap so much easier.

    \”Simply clicking the tank\” isn\’t really that simple in many situations (smaller targets while on the move, hectic brawls) and this mod allows you to easily take few relatively well aimed shots on distant enemies with reasonable chance to hit and little to no effort in aiming.

    Same shit with people who zoom out their camera beyond limit to lock on a target behind corner. If you can\’t do that, you\’ll have to put some time and effort to manually click the bastard aftter you leave the corner, meaning you can\’t give much attentinon to whatever may be further down beyond that corner, or where exactly is your tank going.

    That crap\’s more important in radoms than, say, mod that highlihts broken foliage on minimap.

  14. i dont think this is a mod, but a nice touch of realism. i mean, when shooting up, shells go down. it be more like you are dropping a bomb on top of a tank. plus, this is an arcade game, so that bomb doesnt take 10 minutes to get up n down, it takes only 7.7 seconds, appearently. i like it!

    now, if we only can come up with a mod that bans all arty players, then the game would be even more perfect.

  15. Not really a cheat,i killed myself in mittengard without this cheat, you just need to lock your tank and aim backwards

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