WoWS: Turret AA is coming

From Redditor therassvet

Good news!

From RU forums

Q: The Molotov apparently is modeled after it’s 1942-1944 state. During this period, four 37mm anti-aircraft guns were installed on the roofs of the second and third turret. But these guns are missing on game ship model. However, Tirpitz has her (turret) roof AA guns.

A: By the way, Tirpitz AA guns are not working. They will be enabled in 0.5.6. Same patch, Molotov and several other ships will receive their AA guns on main battery turrets.

4 thoughts on “WoWS: Turret AA is coming

  1. So that is where they\’ll get Ishizuchi\’s extra AA from. It got 10 76mm guns on it\’s main turrets.

  2. Here\’s to hoping \”other ships\” include the Fusou, Nagato, and Yamato… Perhaps even the Amagi..

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