Chieftain/T95 According to Wargaming Wiki

Note: harsh language, but totally worth it

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


slaved my ass for 14 days straight for 3-4hours per day got it for free™ lmao.
It’s a premium tank, but not a premium tank.
Can be sold for whopping 1000 credits.
Came with a free™ garage slot.
Is of good tank tovarisch, you work of hard, you get good tank))))))))))))))))You’re a good goy :^)


It’s worse than a Centurion in every way, but its supposed to be that way because lmao premium tank.
HOL’ UP, HOL’ UP, it’s not a premium tank, it doesn’t get the credit bonus…because fuck you!
Yet it’s worse than “free2play” counter part that is centurion ….
Anyway turret cupola something something you get the idea.
Potato DPM, because why the fuck not?


Imagine if a Centurion had Downs Syndrome and went on a week long crack binge.

Early Research

No research needed because it’s a premium tank, but without premium benefits, yet still a premium tank.

Suggested Equipment

A Holy Quran to make sure your “East Asian” crew doesn’t groom any minors on its way to the battle

-framed picture of Serb to appease the tanks machine spirit

Documented Tank and Crew Builds

No one needs to be documented, what is this fascist website?!

External Reviews and Opinions

Would not buy – “Fast Abortion” while being arrested on human trafficking charges
الإسلام سوف تهيمن على العالم – “Jingles” before blowing himself up in front of US embassy


As historical as Armenian genocide a.k.a there’s nothing to talk about

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Playing this garbage tank and slaving my ass off to get it.