Q&A – 2nd May 2016

 – will arty be nerfed? – no, it will be remade to be more team-oriented along with the global rebalance, an announcement will come during summer;
– what happened to WoT:Generals? – this was an attempt to provide a possibility to play in the browser, we cease development but will not completely shut down the game;
– what about maps? new maps this year? – first, we have to “repair” the old maps, also a new map is to be expected this year;
– what about tier 10 LT, any plans there? – no such plans yet;
 – will Italian tanks come? – there will be a new nation this year, most likely at the end of it, the Italians however are planned for next year;
 – what about a multi-turret system? – there is a raw prototype, but that’s not a priority, the first multi-turret tank will be the T-35;
– will the WT E-100 remain in-game? – it will be replaced by Grille 15;
– what about “pendants” (russian nickname for tier 1 in higher platoons)? – in 9.15, penalties for such platoons will come, and in one of the next patches, the possibility to take “pendants” into platoons will be removed;
– will national specialities (German HP, Russian alpha etc.) be realized more after global rebalance? – this will be realized by special perks;
– will amphibious tanks come? – no;
– will a merge of the games come, like in War Thunder? – no;
– what about gold ammo problems? – will be tackled during global rebalance;
– what about different hulls on tanks? – there aren’t that many different hulls available, won’t come this year for sure;
 – what about PvE? – there is a general idea to make historical campaigns as PvE, but not this year;

Note: answered by Anton Pankov, not Storm. If WG denies it we will be the first to post updates.