Q&A – 29th April 2016

– what about “climbing” on house walls/stones? – this will stay for now;
– will the Grille 15 crew have their skills resetted? – AFAIK, no;
– it’s very important to implement ground resistance and stabilization parameters into the client, since you already have disclosed new ones; it would be more comfortable to see them directly in the client instead of going to some site; – yes, it’s needed;
– can you please state what changed in techincal characteristics compared to the supertest? – nothing really, except for the changes to T54 Lightweight;
– it seems that in 9.15 voice announcement of shell type change wasn’t implemented, is it at least in some ASAP state? it’s annoying to do hits with an unexpected HE shell; – to be honest, it doesn’t have any state whatsoever;
– it’s sad that there is no collision model preview, I hoped that there would be some kind of mod-like implementation; – will come later;
– if you don’t want to implement standard battle tiers for LT’s, it would be good to make an exception for them; – it will stay as it is for now;
– is this a hint that LT will be stretched to tier 10 and get standard battle tiers? – no comment;
– huge minus point for the T54 Lightweight nerf! – was canceled;
– additional XP/penalty for platoons – is this a kind of fail-platoon prevention? – yeah, in this direction;
– platoon XP bonus, how much exactly? 5…10…20 percent? – additional info will come with patch release; bonus XP will only be recieved by tanks of the same tier in the platoon, if there is a difference of 3 or more tiers, there will be a penalty;
– 9.20…9.40… any explanation on numbering? – no changes here yet;
– any tier 8-10 HT buffs in 9.15? – nothing certain yet, and we’re only talking tier 9-10, tier 8 is fine;
– any KV-220 buffs? maybe the historical 100mm on the turret? – nothing, and even if, there would be a nerf, since the tank is kind of imbalanced;
– any possibility to recieve the T-22 after 9.15? buying as premium or on any event? – no;
– any changes to HE hit sounds? there’s no difference to AP hits; – nothing changed;
– what about FV4005? any tanks that could replace it? – no;
– what about FV215b 183? – also no;
– any plans on a game mode instead of domination, where one can drive his tier 8-9 without damaging his statistics? – not for now;
– any possibility of fixing the client freezing on the Fisherman’s Bay map in 9.15? – a very high one, in fact;
– old premiums are slowly but steadily farming less and less; – only in conspiratory reality, but in real life they don’t;
– any theoretical chance that due to testing, the Waffle will not be replaced by Grille? – no;
– there was info that modmakers will recieve tools to work with the new sounds, anything on this point? – info should come a bit later;
– maybe you want to make all premiums older than 2 years a bit cheaper? why only the 112? for example, all smartphones are becoming cheaper; – if we decide that it’s needed, we’ll do it, but such decisions are not my part, anyway;

random bits:
– a majority of players should see a FPS increase;
– 9.15 is one of the more serious patches regarding optimization;
– all 88/L56 guns were buffed;