Q&A – 26th April 2016

– I saw that some premium tanks will be buffed, is this just the first step and will you also look at others (e.g. Löwe etc.)? – no such rebalances are planned yet, maybe singular fixes, but Löwe is not part of them;
– there are rumors that you work on a new matchmaker; – too early to talk about it, we are just experimenting yet;
– what about the tier 9-10 Skodas staticstics-wise? – they’re all right;
– don’t you think that introduction of prem ammo for credits made the HT’s camp more, and that it lessened the importance of armor significantly? and if not, what is then the reason for less importance of armor? – no, we don’t think so, armor still has importance, even if not as much as earlier;
– why were the 15th [personal] missions left untouched? will they be fixed? – no;
– DX11 was added, what about multi-core/new engine/HD maps? – multi-core is there already, was part of the new engine; HD maps – ASAP;
– you didn’t scrap Havok in particular, but it’s quiet around there, ASAP? – certainly not in 9.15;
– nerf of the sumo fighters O-I, were they sticking out statistics-wise? – yes;
– didn’t you think about a 64bit .exe, so the game can use more RAM to store data? -I cannot say anything;
– what about XP for tanking? scrapped?  -won’t come in 9.15 yet;
– Pz V/IV will be transferred to tier 5, and I have camo and inscriptions, will there be compensations for the price difference between tier 6 and 5? – sadly, no;
– is disabling of tanks turning over planned? – no;
– patchnotes contained new stuff for 2.1 sound, is this also expected for 5.1? – that’s a question for the sound department;
– why are you putting small(er) balancing changes into 9.15 if you could just wait until the global rebalance? – global rebalance will be in the future, but these vehicles are suffering right now;
– was anything made in 9.15 about freezes/crashes of the client? – yes, there should be less such cases;
– on the tier 10 waffle, there is a gun only unlockable on it, any compensation? – there’s only one equipment with one gun;
– no changes on the 3 caliber rule in the patch? – no;
– domination will be removed altogether or just for improvement (i.e. will come back)? – removed altogether for improvement;
– what about bots for training rooms, or training rooms for one player? – no;
– “the maps “Paris” and “Berlin”, which are now exclusive for “Rampage” mode, will be reworked and implemented into random rotation”. please, don’t add these two corridor-spawns to randoms, they are horrible; – no comments;
– Chieftain as replacement for 215B?  -no;
– will Obj260 missions be changed where you must kill 2 HT 2 tiers higher? what about just 2 tanks of 2 tiers higher? – no;
– what is the procedure of WTE100 replacement? – we’ll just swap the vehicles and retrain the crews, the crew setup is identical;
– grille15 is sub-par, gets spotted across the whole map; – meh, the detectability of the waffle is even higher;
– what exactly is the advantage of the T-54 Light against other vehicles, which caused a DPM nerf? – the Lightweight is being tested, nothing certain yet;
– what about Waffle E100 statistics, will it be renamed to Grille or separate? – will be separate;
– I hope that you decide to implement LT up to tier 10, with the class rebalancee and adjusted battle tiers for LT; – considering which tiers they fight, tier 8 LT’s are already de facto tier 10 ones;
– what about reverse in 9.15, its dynamics worsened, will this be fixed? – no problem was diagnosed yet, we are actively testing it;

other bits:
– there is an idea to give bonus XP for playing in a platoon, the higher the tier, the higher the bonus;
 – LT will be “revived” during global rebalance; (Seb: No old T-50 = no fun)
– no certain info on further work on sounds yet, but there should be further adjustments and improvements later;