ARP missions coming in June for NA

Wargaming NA Community Coordinator NikoPower wrote:

Because you all responded so soon. I can tell you that the Arpeggio Missions will be returning in June. The specifics are on there way soon. The good news is you will be getting everything the other regions offered for the remaining events. So you will not miss a single thing.

I’m aware of the date. We do have some cool stuff planned. As we get closer, details will emerge.

On the fact that NA gets the missions 2 months later:

There are a couple reasons for this (NA getting the missions later). One is with how busy these next few months are, we want to make sure Arpeggio gets all of the support it needs and deserves. This goes for our Portal, Social, and Community channels. The other is that we are looking into the best way to get you this content. While this might sound like a bad news thing, keep in mind it is so we can give it to you in a way that will go off without a hitch.