WoWS: 0.5.5 news

From forum user TaKeYoUrWaY

Good news.
Fubuki gets a new torpedo armament – type93 mod.2 (Ibuki‘s upgraded torpedo. No modifications).
Kagero starts with type93 mod.2 torpedo instead of type90 mod.3 (it is no longer available on Kagero).
Both Kagero and Shimakaze get the new torpedo armament – type F3 (Zao‘s torpedo. No modifications, check the stats in-game!)
Soviet HE-46 ammo (equipped on most Soviet DDs) has a better chance to cause fire. (8%, was 7%, the promised buff, yay!)
Tier 8, 9, 10 CVs get Defensive Barrage. 1 charge only (+1 premium, +1 superintendent). Last 2min. CD 6min (4min premium)
It’s different from CA’s defensive barrage. It last significantly longer but the AA boost is also weaker.
All main gun turrets below 130mm (included)  get an HP boost. (4000, was 1500)
Affected: all DDs so far, Atlanta, Svietlana etc.
All main gun turrets between 131 – 155mm (included)  get an HP boost. (7500, was 5000, Mogami‘s was 4000)
Affected: most CLs except Chapayev (was intentionally left behind or praise the Vodka)
All main gun turrets between 156 – 210mm (included)  get an HP boost. (10000, was 5000)
Affected: all CAs except Moskva (which has turret HP of 15000).
Bad news.
Nerfs to Shimakaze’s (also Kagero‘s second torpedo set) type93 mod.1 torpedo. -5knot to torp speed (62knot, was 67knot) and +0.8km to detection range (2.5km, was 1.7km)
Nerfs to Shimakaze’s type93 mod.3 torpedo. -3km to torp distance (12km, was 15km) and +0.2km to detection range (1.9km, was 1.7km)
All other DD’s torpedoes remain unchanged.
Plus: A quick summary for anyone who didn’t know Texas (Tier 5 US BB, the stats was leaked earlier.)
It’s a fully upgraded New York with better firing angle on #3 turret and much better AAs (10 quad bofors and 20 oerlikon AA guns installed), the total AA dps is 302 per second, surpassing all other Tier 5 ships (and even all Tier 6 ships except Cleveland).