Q&A – 13th April 2016

 – the German 8,8cm gun characteristics (penetration) will be changed, but no date on this yet;
– the priorities for now are: balancing, artillery, problems with some gameplay mechanics, and also some technical debts: performance, real multithreading of the renderer etc.;
– it’s not a fact that the current likelihood distribution of shots in the circle will remain;
– difficulties which came up developing bigger maps – the problem with slow vehicles; no possibility to make an adequate count of bigger maps for them to influence the game; preformance problems on slower systems;
– there will be no department at WG to handle illegal mods which would hand out digital certificates, Storm: “it’ll be hacked the day it will be implemented”;
– there won’t be cosmetic changes only, like a penetration nerf, more serious changes are planned;
– the “Rampage” mode is played even less than the Global Map and Strongholds;
– the matchmaker is being remade from scratch, it will come this year;
– no confirmation on frequent crits of SuperPershings ammorack, “it didn’t change at all”;
– release date of 9.15 (before or after 09.05) will depend of public test feedback;
– no plans to improve the stability of the 85mm D-5T-85BM on the T-34-85;
– tracks as additional armor will not be added to the collision models which didn’t recieve them during HD rework, they are only added to tanks if needed; no special changes are planned for tanks which already have HD models;
– sidescreens on collision models (e.g. E50, E75, Tiger II) will be added to the ones which already have HD models, the SD ones will recieve them during HD rework;
– per-side winrates on Himmelsdorf were studied, no significant disrepancies were noticed, so no changes will be made;