WoWS: Bot users banned

From Spotter, ASIA forums (WG Staff)

„Hello Admirals,

In light of the ongoing issues we are facing in our community regarding players who constantly abuse and violate our rules regarding AFK/Idling, we are pleased to announce that the recent hunts we did were very productive and should help us to minimize these abuses.

* 42 players were banned in the initial AFK/Idling Hunts.

* 298players were warned for their actions and are now under our watchlist for the next AFK/Idling hunt

We will keep you posted regarding the AFK/Idling hunts that will follow.

We thank you for your continued patronage and patience with us.”

Spotter also replied when asked about what he meant, temporary or permanent bans:

„Here is how it works:

Yes it is a permanent ban if you are caught with this kind of violation, but if its your first time you have the option of reinstatement. And the catch is:

Account Wipe –  All regular ships and purchases are wiped clean. Only things left would be (as far as I can remember) all types of premium items including premium ships and premium time. Credits will also be wiped clean except for doubloons.

Once a player agrees to an account wipe, his services gets reinstated as promised and the above explanation for the wipe will be done on his account.

If by any chance the player decides to return to his old habits, a 2nd ban will be enforced on his account (without the option of the WIPE) so it’s BYE-BYE completely.

Hope this clears up any question about the process. :medal: