Carry Me to the Saipan – In-Game Competition 3/25-3/27

Seb update:
No. I did not die, in case you were wondering. I had a busy day and on top of that I also visited some relatives (or more precisely, had to). Good news: I got some kind of scope I can see far away with. Maybe I will spot stuff to post about easier 🙂
Bad news: Since I was SUPER tired, I instantly got to sleep when I arrived home. Surprise: I slept 7 hours and 10 minutes. Yeah. I missed all the good stuff today and I am super sad to leave you guys with no info. Dishonourable.
To all EU admins reading this: shame on you for not posting. Now I have to DO IT!!
Edit: DAMN I missed Romanians got Talent… :'(
Now back to what I wanted to post…
NA players can get the Saipan. Correction: 3 players. You have no real chance of getting it. At least it will come on sale after this competition.
As we come to the close of March and our Carrier focused month, we wanted to give you one more chance to win the Saipan before it goes on sale. So consider this our Saipan encore competition. Unlike the last competition, the Top 3 Winners will receive a Saipan, 14 days of premium, and a slot for your brand new ship. So get your practice in. If the last competition was any indication, this one of going to heat up quick.
This contest is going to mirror the previous competition with the best Max Base XP in a single battle. Here are the details:
Tier: IV
Class: Carriers
Placement is based on MAX BASE XP IN A SINGLE BATTLE. See example below.

Duration: 3/25 Friday 4pm Pacific to 3/27 Sunday 4pm Pacific.
Competition is open to NA server players only.
And the part you’ve all be waiting for…
1st Place – 1 Saipan Carrier (Upon release), 1 Port Slot, and 14 Days Premium
2nd Place – 1 Saipan Carrier (Upon release), 1 Port Slot, and 14 Days Premium
3rd Place – 1 Saipan Carrier (Upon release), 1 Port Slot, 14 Days Premium
4th Place – 1500 Doubloons, 1 Port Slot, 7 Days Premium
5th Place – 1000 Doubloons, 1 Port Slot, 7 Days Premium
6th – 25th Place: 500 Doubloons, 1 Port Slot, 3 Days Premium