Tone Spotted on the Chinese WoWS Server

Source: From a deleted forum thread which was google-cached. Author: friedrich1949
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Tone isn’t mighty as a T7 cruiser, worse than Myoko generally.
And now Tone is a standard heavy cruiser(CA),not an aircraft cruiser (CAV),her planes is a little different from others (in number), but not a big advantage.
Tone’s advantages are AA and armor; disadvantages are less main guns and the layout.
I think in future WG should improve aircraft cruiser and strengthen the aircraft function.
First, let’s see the determinate data. I translate them and you can contrast to your game client.:D
Survivability is good, 36300 blood, and 175mm armor covers the ship forepart, better than other IJN cruisers and much better than Pensacola LOL. The armor is usefel when CA to CA; But not reliable when facing BB, so dont try to provoke BB.
Main guns are weaker than Myoko, because 2 203 guns less, and all turrets are in forepart, the layout is not good. Accuracy and strewn are perfect and better than Atago! The gun range is only 15.3 km…
Torpedo is similar with other Japanese cruisers. AA is better than other Japanese cruisers, 43 AA ability, 10 higher than Atago. And Tone has 6 water fighters (with no captain skill and golden supplies). Concealment is in average level.
tone 2
Next, mountings and consumables.
Tone has 4 mounting positions, the same with first 4 of Atogo’s.

Tone’s swerve is slow, 8.9 sec when no mounting, so the swerve mounting is strongly suggested!
The second position you can choose shooting accuracy or AA range. Tone’s original accuracy is good enough and her AA is good, so you can consider add the AA range.
For the consumables.
First is repair, all the same.
Second you can choose AA or undersea search (sonar?), also same with other cruisers.
For the third, you can only have the water fighter (not scout plane).
Tone has 6 fighters!(with no captain skill and golden consumables), with these skills and consumables she can have 8!
BUT IT IS USELESS! Because only one plane exists at one time! Usually 3-4 is enough, 6 planes is a waste, no chance to use the 6th plane in a 20 min game.
tone 1  tone 3 tone 4 tone 5 tone 6 tone 7
The firing angle is good, but considering the gun layout (all front), still worse than other ships. And the armor is not reliable as I image, the 175mm armor only covers the front part.
tone 8 tone 9
tone 10 tone 11 tone 12 tone 13