Corrected stealth fire ranges for Destroyers, Battleships, and Cruisers

From iku_19

B.Range Upg – Buffer range with all possible upgrades. This is the window from maximum firing range to minimum spotted firing range. A zero means it can’t stealth fire, and a bigger number means it has more room between max and spotted.
Buffer Range – Same as above but stock.
Detection – Stock surface detection range.
Penalty – When you fire your guns, this figure is added to your surface detection range for 20 seconds.
Firing Detection – Detection plus Penalty
FCM – Fire Control Module upgrade. Adds 10% to stock range if the ship has the option. Premiums and some regular ships do not have FCM. If the sheet lists 0 the ship can’t take it. This goes for all other modules.
GFCSM.2 – Upgrade module that adds 16% to main battery range.
CSM.1 – Upgrade module that is -10% to surface detection range.
CE – Concealment Expert, Tier 5 captain skill. -10% surface detection range for DDs.
AFT – Advanced firing training, Tier 4 captain skill. +20% range for small caliber main batteries.
Camo – Camo paint with -3% surface detection range.
Artillery – Stock main battery range.
Max Artillery – Maximum main battery range with all possible upgrades and skills.
Min. Det. – Minimum surface detection range with all possible upgrades and skills.
Min. Firing Det. – Minimum surface detection range while firing with all possible upgrades and skills.