Speculation: Mogador Class

From Redditor kgskippy10
General Ship Characteristics
The mogador class was the class which followed the widely known Le Fantasque class. Developed and constructed during the mid 1930’s, the first Mogador class was commissioned in 1939. Both ships ended up serving with the French 6th Large Destroyer Division during the war where they would be tasked with protecting convoys that would be navigating in the Atlantic. The Mogador was hit in 1940 by a 15 inch shell that detonated her depth charges but did not destroy the ship itself. Instead it underwent repairs in Toulon where eventual German forces occupied. The Mogador and the Volta were then both scuttled so that they would not be captured by the Germans. Both ships were later raised by the Italians in 1943 but were never repaired and eventually were broken up.
The Mogador class was outfitted with, in my opinion, some of the largest guns that i think we will ever see on a destroyer in World of Warships. The Mogador class boasted 8 138 mm guns in dual turrets. In World of warships today, the largest guns on destroyers is those in the Russian Navy with 130 mm. Even though they are slightly bigger, I would still expect them to be in the game since it isn’t an outrageous size for a gun and were very historical. In addition to the 138 mm guns, the Mogador class was outfitted with 10 550 mm torpedo tubes in two different kinds of mounts, two 3 torpedo mounts as well as two dual mounts with one of each on each side of the ship. The torpedoes themselves allegedly only traveled at a very slow 39 knots (holy shit) and ranged out to nine kilometers. However, i can’t find a ton of information with the speed and range of the torpedoes being that slow. Chances are they weren’t that slow but that could be anyone’s guess. When implemented, the torpedoes might be much faster but still probably incomparable to many of the torpedoes already in world of Warships
Machinery, Displacement, and Dimensions
The Mogador class displaced just over 4,000 tons when fully loaded. her length was 137.5 meters, beam of 12.7 meters and draught of 6.6 meters. By comparison, the gearing class was around 116 meters long so the difference in length would be quite noticeable. The Mogador was powered by geared steam turbines with four boilers and two shafts. The output was 92k shp. The Mogador, much like the Le Fantasque, was able to reach a high top speed. While trials were completed missing some of the armament, the Mogador could reach a speed of 43 knots. However, the Mogador was reported at a more reasonably 39 knots when it was loaded.
In game Implementation
I think, without having much else to compare to it, or any paper drawings, i think the Mogador class could end up being the tier ten of the French destroyer tree. It has as many guns as the Khabarovsk and are also larger. However, the torpedoes are largely lacking and the guns could very well make up for that. In the end, like many of the non Japanese destroyers, i would expect the Mogador to act as a gunboat. With the larger guns, I would also expect their range to be greater than any of the current destroyers, yet stealth firing balanced out by the fact that the class was so large. I think the Mogador would be an interesting class to play since it would kind of be in between a light cruiser and a traditional destroyer and could see some strong main gun firepower that would be able to do more considerable damage than expected out of a destroyer’s main guns.