Q&A – 11th March 2016

– Storm: “Balace fixes will be done, but however, the perception of balance is different for everyone and thus ambiguous.”;
– regarding the buff of the Chinese 112 – no details yet, general questions are being regarded;
– balancing in general will recieve serious progress, but no details yet however;
– all shortcomings of the updated IS-6 are covered by improvements (TN: as in: it balances out);
– the Soviet T-60 has some weakened and some strenghtened armor points;
– the American T34 had it’s sides of the roof strenghtened, as it was before the HD remodel;
– switching between old and new sound systems is impossible due to a completely new sound engine;
– in WG, there are people who served on tanks (in the military) and know how shots sound;
– one can choose the national localizations in the launcher;
– exhaust smoke which can cause FPS drops can be disabled by lowering effects quality;
– to prevent the event hangar to eat up resources and heat up the graphics card, it’s advised to enable vsync in the settings;
– a clock will not be added to the game client;
– addition of damage logs/counter is being regarded;
– HP of tanks on the minimap while pressing “Alt” was not discussed;
– “farming” in “Domination” mode was not changed;
– the inability to disable the sounds of the sixth sense lamp and the crit “bell” is intended;
– there will soon be many settings in the client, almost like Windows itself;
– the HD model of the Bat.-Chatillon 155 58 will not come in 9.15;