WoWS TAP Q&A V – Chosen Questions

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So here are the picked ones:
1. Will the german cruisers be buffed? Except AP damage, they are total sh#t
2. Why don`t you introduce that Total Damage Done in post battle stats? Is it that complicated? It`s really annoying to do math after every battle
3. Are there any plans on the Dutch navy? How does WG want to materialize the tiers of smaller navies such as the Dutch in general; limited amount of realized ships or including many concept ships to fill up the tiers?
4. Can we expect a WoWs Assistant for iOS any time soon (just like the WoT & WoWp Assistants)?
5. It’s ridiculous how the guns mounted in the same turret could shoot in different directions. Will this be fixed?
6. WG talked about giving something to cruisers to help them fight destroyers, is it radar?
7. Historically, the spotter plane was used to spot fleets and observe the landing of shell to achieve better accuracy. Does the spotter plane ingame improve main gun’s accuracy (like better dispersion at the same distance)? If not, will WG add it?
8.When will the bug which causes your shells to shoot INTO an island when they can very easily go OVER the island be fixed?
9. Will WG be giving a spotting damage score as in WoT at any time this would help both DD and cruisers.
10. Why is the Russian Navy implemented before the Royal Navy? Is it for economic reasons?

11. Can we expect to see more statistics options in game like in World of Tanks? (Like stats for individual ships and post game results of other players after a game)
12. Will there be a check option for players to display the Imperial Russian Navy flag in port and/or in the tech tree (instead of the Soviet flag when selecting ships) without using mods, particularly for ships built during the imperial era? Doesn’t make sense to have the Soviet flag in the background while the ship itself flies the IRN flag. The Storozhevoi for instance was a paper project and as such was never used by the Soviets.
13. Floatplanes like the Aichi M6A Seiran could be armed with either bombs or a torpedo, which is better than just spotting. Will this aircraft appear in the game and if so which ship will carry it?
14. Will there be a daily bonus system like in Armored Warfare? 2000 credits for logging in on the first day, 500 free XP for the 2nd day in a row, 10k credits for the 3rd day and so on. If a player misses one day then the counter resets.
15. Are they going to fix the Fighter Strafing ability for Carrier Fighters anytime soon?
16. Will we see non-premium ships in Polish & Pan-asian tech tree in the future? When?
17.Is there a chance that the ships included in old ‘Fankit’ will appear in game? (ex. Akizuki) -Strangely current fankit provided on dev blog is different compared to old ones.
18. The USS Smith was introduced to testers a couple of months ago, yet seems to have disappeared since. Has WG decided to scrap it or rework it some more before release?
19. Is there any further information on the “what” and “when” of the upcoming US premium battleships?
20. Any information on the buffs WG is considering for the Montana and Atlanta?
21. How are the high tier USN carriers doing statistically since 0.5.3?
22. Will there be any buffs to the XP rewards for shooting down planes so USN carriers aren’t punished for playing the role WG has tried to push them into?
23. What ship could we expect to see as the Tier 10 British Battleship?
24. What ship could we expect to see as the tier 10 British Cruiser?
25. What can we say about the weather? Are we able to disable the low PC configuration?
Does it will be a weather all over the map, or localized?
26. What kind of new premium ships can we expect? There were controversial statements before about another German BB or Cruiser as well as the first French Premium this year.
27. Would you consider bringing back the space battle occasionally like you did before in beta? That was great fun.
28. Is there any possibility of new paint schemes or camouflage patterns? It would be cool if you could paint different sections separately. Example: top of the turrets.
29. Will the price for premium camouflage be reconsidered? 3000 Doubloons is a bit overpriced in my opinion.
30. Any thoughts on decals or names on ships?
31. Any ingame specials planned for the gamescom or E3 this year?
32. I had plenty of tier8 + matches recently where both sides had like 6 DDs. Don’t you think thats to much? Have you any thoughts on that?
33. A CV subclass is mentioned to come which includes refitted BB’s but also mentioned some interesting ships too: cruiser-carrier Tone and a maybe battleship Ise too in the CV subclass. My question is if this happens will the Tone and Ise be unique ships gameplay wise? So basically a crusier/battleship what can launch for example a squadron of torpedo bombers?
34. Will the Imperial Russian Navy fly their correct ensign, and what about the Imperial German Navy Ships then?
35. In a previous Q&A, it was stated that the Tirpitz & Warspite did not sell at all, and are therefor refrained from future selling in the near future… Don’t you think the horrendous bundle had an impact on the severely reduced numbers of purchased ships? And will those ships become available as a standalone later on, if it turns out it was indeed the bundle that put of many people from buying it.
36. Why is it on NA that we get overpriced bundles while on EU and RU they can just get the ship and the port. That’s kinda unfair for the NA server. I think sales would be higher if I you just sell the ship. What are you guys going to do about it? Like the Lo Yang was sold on the EU server for 30 Euros standalone which is about 32$ while NAs cheapest bundle was 50$ or 45 euros.
37. You are reluctant to introduce a premium CV because of unexperienced players. Would plane tenders such as the Chitose or the Kamikawa Maru fit in the game as low Tier premiums?
38. Did any recent game mechanic changes affected negatively the Warspite? Or do you changed its armor effectiveness? Some players feels it is less tanky than before.
Also, did you removed its ability to repair citadels?
And how is it performing stat-wise?
39. Have you already decided if you will sell again the CBT ships or not? And which ones?
4o. You told that there will be two US premium BB’s put in the game soon. Will be even one of them tier 8?
41. What is the fate of Buffalo and Worcester cruisers?
42. Are you planning to introduce Razzle-Dazzle camouflage on regular or premium ships?
43. After the change to Expert Marksmen, are there any plans to undo the nerf to Mogami’s 155mm turret rotation and survivability? (it used to be 40 seconds traverse)
51.4 seconds is a bit too slow for a stock grind considering the range is only 13 km stock.
44. Are they going to add a captain acceleration feature (like in WoT) in the game soon?
45. Will you introduce a port that is a naval base with planes and actual warships moving and not sailboats?
46. According to this response: “The experience was positive, but we’d do it if Turkish, Dutch or Spanish players played more actively. Polish players play quite a lot, so we released Blyskawica. The same applies to the Pan-Asian ships. We will add Moltke to the German tree” . Following that way, can we expect see later some ships, at least, individual ones like the Blyskawica, but the ones from South America navies, like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, etc in the game, if the statistics show much activity from the playerbase of that region?
47. Armored Warfare’s garage can be upgraded with a command center that gives 50% free XP per battle on both PvP & PvE. Will we see something similar in WoWS?
48. Could/would you consider adding Hamburg as a harbor to WoWs?