One year of 'The Armored Patrol'

Hi guys!
Today (5th of March) marks the one year anniversary of our blog, The Armored Patrol. It’s been a long time since and very few of you remember our early stage of the website– to be completely honest, it wasn’t great. It was our first experience, but we were confident from the start that we could make it!
But, of course, we’ve evolved– not only that we’ve managed to keep you guys in touch with the latest news from your favorite games, but we’ve also managed to build a community, which we absolutely love and couldn’t do without. We’d like to personally thank every single follower we have, it means a lot.
We’ve had our ups and downs, just like everything else in this world, however we learned from our mistakes and focused on improving the quality of our content.
So here we are, in 2016, after 3085 articles published, 2.6 million views and 10520 comments. Our blog saw a lot of changes, most of them for the better – from picking a nice and clean theme to upgrading to our own paid domain. However, TAP is far away from its final form, with a long and prosperous future. We hope to deliver more to the community and of course, we’ve got a lot of room for improvement.
If you have any suggestions, please do let us know.
Oh yeah, we might have something cool coming out for you guys, so watch out.
Thank you for staying with us, you guys are amazing.
Seb: A year passed so fast? I feel old already. Still, I did not write about myself too much in my posts, instead I always made sure to sneak in a few details about my permanent lack of free time. Life before TAP was full of meaningless boredom anyway and the opportunity to create a blog gave me a new purpose, that I will forever stay loyal to. As BloodSnow said, we were not quite a good blog in the beginning. I was full of ego but stubborn to improve myself, especially since last summer. Proof of it is that I always managed to post every day since I returned from my 1-week Austro-Bavarian holiday (don’t worry, this year I’ll stay home, post on TAP and complain to WG about the complete absence of events in my area). Some days had more than 20 posts, but it never made me tired or fed up with writing.
TAP was always blogging about stuff I and the other admins/authors were interested in. I always tried to provide news not found on the official sites, and started a free-speech policy on TAP, that meaning posting all of the leaks and deleting none of your comments (even if it bought me that copyright infringement from WG this summer, the MoO leak was worth it! 😈 ).
But it is not me who matters the most, but you, the readers. I used to be a reader too, just like you in the past. I never thought I could be the one who continued the work of people that abandoned their communities (for money), but felt I could do it better than them.
This is not the end. It is just the end of the beginning.